Dany Noir

(Confused? Check out the back cover of Dani Noir by Nova Ren Suma.)

We watched season one of Game of Thrones on DVD, and a couple episodes of season two through Totally Legitimate Means*, but haven’t continued watching due to inconvenience (watching ont he computer sucks, HBO Go doesn’t play on our PS3). I enjoy the series and would like to eventually catch up. I read the first book but the thought of more characters being introduced (and not having an actor’s face to bring to mind to help me keep them straight) was too daunting so I left it there.

So a few weeks ago when the internet went nuts over Daenerys doing “something badass,” I got nervous. Because I HATE SPOILERS (there is one coming up for season/book one in two sentences). First I checked with Will, because he has read the entire series to date. Surely her act of badassery could not be more impressive than climbing onto a funeral pyre to birth motherfucking DRAGONS? Yes, he told me, it really could.

Oh dear.

So I did the only reasonable thing: I read the Dany chapters of books two and three. Just the Dany chapters. (I also let Will tell me everything that happens to all the other characters, because I only really give a damn about her.) Obviously my definition of reasonable may be different than yours.

*illegitimate, shady means.

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