Doing What I Want

I’m so tired right now. I woke up with the worst hangover I’ve had since…well, since the last time I had a hangover. It’s pretty infrequent, and I thought I might die (or at least puke) when I got up this morning.

On Wednesday, Laurie and I had our yearly date to the Noir festival at the Egyptian. It’s one of the nights I look forward to most every year. This year we saw Cry of the City, which I’d never even heard of, and The Killers, which is one of my all-time favorites. Despite both movies being relatively short, I didn’t get home until about midnight.

Thursdays I take Sam to speech therapy, and this week I went to the Doll Factory for weekly ref practice (usually I go on Wednesdays).

Friday I could barely move, but managed to get the laundry done and the children outside (for a walk to the doughnut shop, shut up) by some miracle. Then, instead of staying home for Deadlands, I went to the Doll Factory again to officiate a Juniors game against Seattle.

When I got home, I sat with the guys (who were still playing Deadlands) and drank wine. Then I slept for 9+ hours, woke up, took ibuprofen and drank a lot of water, and went back to bed. Then when my stomach couldn’t take it anymore, I got up and Will made me eggs. I am on my second pot of tea and beginning to feel moderately human.

I fucking love officiating roller derby. I feel like shit right now, but I am not sorry I went to last night’s game.


Last week I sent off a sample I knitted of Olga for Stephania of Three Fates Yarns. She was kind enough to supply the yarn for the original sample, so when she was looking for booth samples I offered to make her one. She sent me some beautiful pink yarn for it in a BFL/nylon blend, which I really like. She messaged me this morning to say that customers love it–yay!


We got rid of our microwave after it started sparking randomly when we’d use it. Not every time, but often enough. We didn’t use it that much, and I don’t miss it at ALL. I feel almost zen in the kitchen these days. I find it easier to keep clean. I love having extra counter space. I am really happy with our new recycling system too–I got bins that we are keeping on the balcony.

I still think this apartment pretty much sucks, but I’m so much happier living here than I was before. We put up curtains and did a bunch of the other little things that make it feel homey, things we should have done ten years ago. Deciding to really live in the place where we live was the best move we’ve ever made.


tl;dr I am hungover and happy.

3 thoughts on “Doing What I Want

  1. Amy

    April 20, 2013 at 2:06pm

    I like everything here except for the hangover part. You’re awesome and should feel awesome.

    Those yarns are ridiculously pretty.

  2. oslowe

    April 22, 2013 at 10:46am


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