The Design Process: Finishing Up

Guess what! I just released Dorothy Cloche, that hat I’ve been talking about the design process of over the…year and a half.

Photo by the lovely and talented Leah Coccari-Swift.

Catch up from the beginning:
Inspiration | Swatching | Rough Draft | Starting (almost) From Scratch | Too Many Samples?

In brief:

I was inspired by this gorgeous image.
According to this blog, the image is from 1923, by Ernesto Cabral, a.k.a. “Chango,” and was a magazine (?) cover.

I swatched and knitted a prototype. I lost my notes. Time went by. I began a new prototype. I made a lot of mistakes. I reknit it. More than once. I came up with a better way to work the short rows. I redid the brim and grafted it to the hat (only a crazy person would do that, probably). I wrote the pattern, had it tech edited, and did a photo shoot with Leah. I sent the pattern to a couple of friends to test knit.

And today, I release it into the wild.


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One thought on “The Design Process: Finishing Up

  1. Laurie Ann

    April 18, 2013 at 10:41am

    Having seen both the model and the cloche live, in person, up close and personal, I can attest that both are perfectly lovely.
    Laurie Ann´s last post ..Nerd Alert

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