#1 of 13


This is not actually the first shawl I completed this year. (Well, technically the first of my 13 in 13 is a cowl. But why confuse things.) As it is the first one that I photographed, however, it gets the #1 spot.

Believe it or not, I did not knit this beauty for myself. It’s for my friend Mandi. Normally I do not knit for other people, and I’ve only made a very few exceptions, but Mandi is deserving of handknits. This here is Mandi’s wedding gift.

Let’s just ignore the fact that the wedding was five months ago.


Mandi and her husband Michael are very dear friends of ours. They game with us. Sam and Grace adore them. I can call them if I need help–like the time my car was in the shop and Mandi picked up my CSA box for me, or the time our TV broke and they gave us their old one. One time we discovered that they had two PS3s and we had two Wiis, and we swapped.

We were not able to attend their wedding, which made me very sad. Knitting this for Mandi made me feel a little better–and she loves it. Win!


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  1. Nana

    April 5, 2013 at 5:32pm

    Oh Wow, that turned out Really Nice!!!

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