The Design Process: Too Many Samples?

A brief recap:

Fell in love with the hat in a painting.


Knitted a sample.

Discovered that I had lost my notes.

Backward engineered the basic instructions based on the sample, and started knitting a new sample. I chose a looser gauge for the new yarn (Malabrigo Rios), and a new and improved method of decreasing.

And then I realized that the fit of the hat would not be what I want. It needs a tight gauge, even with the fatter yarn, to create a stiff fabric that will work for the 1920s shape. (The same sort of fabric, or at least a similar sort, could be achieved by lightly felting a loosely knitted hat–but not with Rios, which is superwash!)

So I cast on for a third sample. Luckily, the second one only lost me a day’s knitting–and was totally worth it to work out some kinks! I also figured out a way to improve the short rows, and better/easier/prettier short rows are always a win. This time my notes should be much harder to lose (I typed them, which always helps). Up next: a photo! Once I finish knitting!

3 thoughts on “The Design Process: Too Many Samples?

  1. Nana

    February 10, 2013 at 6:48pm

    Can’t wait to see it. Love the original picture.

  2. Annika

    February 10, 2013 at 7:16pm

    Well, I finished the hat (yay!) and I love the new decreases (yay!) and the short rows worked perfectly (yay!) but I hate the brim (uh-oh).

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