Scary Christmas

Grace’s advent calendar this year was Playmobil dinosaurs. I think it is from last year or possibly even the year before, but her uncle Shelby tracked one down for her.

She is crazy about dinosaurs and has loved opening her calendar toy every day. Today, the ultimate day of Advent, she got a break-open egg with a baby dino inside.

This afternoon, she and Sam were playing when suddenly Grace came running to me in the kitchen. “Sammy scared mine baby dinosaur!”

I may possibly have taken a Calvin’s Dad tact. “No one can scare a baby dinosaur! It will eat anyone who tries. Go tell Sammy your dinosaur will eat him if he scares it again.”

She ran back over to Sam. “Sammy! DON’T EAT MINE DINOSAUR!”

One thought on “Scary Christmas

  1. georgia

    December 25, 2012 at 2:30am

    agatha had the same advent calender this year. and OH the bickering over the baby dinosaur in the egg.

    merry christmas!
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