Two Stories

Computer Time, a Sam story

Tuesday afternoon I was sitting in the living room with Grace on my lap, watching Pinocchio. Well, she was watching Pinocchio; I was resting my eyes, trying to fight off a headache.

Sam appeared at my elbow. “Mama, I got an idea.” “Yes?” “I have to play the sheep game!”

The sheep game is Home Sheep Home 2 (he prefers it to the original) on Kongregate. I have the main page of Kongregate bookmarked on my toolbar, but I always just search for the sheep game once I’m at the site.

“I’m sorry, buddy, I can’t help you right now.”

“That all right. I will do it!” And he ran upstairs. “Mama, now you tell me the letters.”

I was a little doubtful, but I spelled out H-O-M-E. Seconds later I heard the music of the game.

Painted Lady, a Grace story

Yesterday, Grace said to me, “Mama, go asleep with me!”

It was mid-afternoon, and she does not take a nap, but I got into bed with her anyway.

PARENTING TIP: never turn down a request for cuddles.

I laid down and she flopped across me, grinning. “Mommy! A DRAGON!” “Yes, baby. That’s my tattoo.” She flopped herself around to look at the other arm. “MOMMY! STARS! One, two, fee!”

I whispered, “I’m going to get a flower there too. And one more star.”

“A FLOWOO?” She was beside herself and jumped out of bed.

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