The Design Process: Starting (almost) From Scratch

Do you guys remember this hat? I set it aside for a while, and am just now getting back to it so I can write up the pattern and make a second sample. But I’ve run into a teensy problem.


I have a mostly-finished hat but no record of how I made it. So now I am sitting at my desk, attempting to reverse-engineer it by looking at the sample.

This is not super fun. But it is a huge learning experience. Since it’s hard to internalize a lesson like “don’t lose stuff,” I am instead forcing myself to improve how I “read” my knitting. Short rows, in particular, since they are nearly invisible if done well.

I’m also finding that I don’t love the way I did the decreases on the crown, so I will probably redo the original sample, once I’ve made a second. (I can experiment with the second hat before trying to fix the first one.)

Le sigh.

One thought on “The Design Process: Starting (almost) From Scratch

  1. Leah CS

    August 5, 2012 at 2:59pm

    I feel ya. I have never managed to learn the “don’t lose stuff” lesson. I usually jot things down in disparate places and have no idea where they all end up. Wee!

    I love that hat, I know you can crack it!

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