What is a weekend?

Last weekend was a little busy.

Friday we took Sam to speech therapy, then went to buy his bike. I spent the afternoon and evening doing birthday prep, and we also had the gaming crew over in the evening.

Saturday we rushed around picking up party supplies (day of stuff like bagels, fruit, and balloons), then had Sam’s party at a playground. We spent most of the remainder of the day recovering and playing video games.

Sunday I went to a baby shower.

Written out like this, it doesn’t seem like a lot, but it felt like a really full weekend.

I have declared this coming weekend a do-nothing weekend, though of course we’ve already got a lunch date, dinner plans, and a visit to our favorite detective agency on the books. Still, it should be fairly low-key. Unlike the following weekend.

On Friday the kids and I have a babysitting/play date. Friday evening is game night. Saturday morning is a birthday party. Saturday night I’m going to the movies with Katherine (SNOW WHITE AND THE HUNTSMAN FUCK YEAH). Sunday morning is another birthday party. Sunday night is another shower.

It might kill me.

One thought on “What is a weekend?

  1. Lucretia

    May 26, 2012 at 3:01pm

    I sympathise. I love being busy, but love relaxing, and there is a very definite balance to the two that rarely aligns!

    Please let me know what Snow White was like, I’ve missed too many films recently …

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