Too fast, too fast

The best thing about dressing a girl baby when you already had a boy is that she can wear all of his hand-me-downs and all the cute girly stuff we can get our hands on. (It helps that she came at the perfect time to get hand-me-downs from our friends; we only got a few things for Sam because most of our friends either had kids who were much older or had girls.)

The worst thing about dressing my particular girl baby is that she is already outgrowing her 3 month stuff. She never even wore half the Sam hand-me-downs, because they are opposite season babies so there’s only been so many times she could wear short sleeve onesies. So today I pulled out all the 6 month clothing and discovered that I need about a gazillion more hangers. I hate putting baby clothes in drawers because if I can’t see it, I don’t remember to use it. Actually, that’s how I am about all clothing. I only use drawers for socks, underwear, and sweats–everything else is hanging. (Actually, everything of mine is in boxes under the bed, because I don’t fit in any of it at the moment. But let’s not discuss that.)

Blogging while tired results in many parentheticals.

Last night–or this morning, I guess–I woke up at 3:00 because Grace was hungry. Then I woke up at 3:30 because Sam had a nightmare and wanted to get in bed and cuddle with me. We cuddled and then I struck a deal with him to get him back into his bed so Will could get back into ours. Then I woke up at 4:00 because Grace was hungry again. Then I woke up at 4:30 because Grace’s diaper had leaked so her leg was wet. So I got up, changed her diaper, changed her clothes, and–as she was wide awake–went upstairs to watch TV with her.

So I’ve essentially been up since 3:00 in the morning, because drifting off to sleep three times between then and 4:30 was more like a cruel prank than actual sleep. But we somehow managed to have a wonderful day. The boys slept until 7:00, which is late for them, and we had an amazing breakfast (homemade huevos rancheros), and then we went for an adventure and had the best time at Vasquez Rocks that we’ve had in a while.

In conclusion, OMG my baby is two months old how did this happen.

It’s just like…something else really futile

So. Using logic and facts on a three year old? Hahahahahahahahahahahahahaha.

Oh, my head.

I put the two Hellboy animated movies on our Netflix Instant queue, even though we have them on DVD, because Sam adores them and it’s faster to use Roku. (Also the DVD player is being a pain and refusing to actually read DVDs lately. What the hell.)

A little while ago he brought me the Blood & Iron DVD and asked to watch it.


I tried to explain this to him. He agreed with me, and then asked me to put the DVD on.

Oh, my head.

This happened twice more. Then I hid the DVD.

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Sick Day

The kids and I are having a sick day because we all slept horribly and Sam has a nasty cough. We are camped out in front of the television, watching cartoons. And also Hercules: the Legendary Journeys, which is kind of cartoony.

Unfortunately for me, Sam is insisting on watching episode after episode of The Pink Panther. It’s a cute cartoon if you only watch a little bit. We’ve been watching for over an hour. Every time he goes to put on a new episode (it’s Netflix Instant on Roku, so no play all option), he looks to me for permission. You would think this means I could say no, but you’d be wrong. His asking is apparently just a formality. There is a wrong answer.

Fortunately, the gods saw fit to put The Big Store (Sam’s favorite Marx Bros. movie, and one of the few we don’t own) on Netflix Instant. I AM SAVED!

Now if poor Gracie could just have a nap that lasts more than ten minutes…


I had a tiny bit of spending money and used it to get some beautiful fabrics to make a quilt for Grace. I think it’s important that the children each have a quilt that is entirely their own. Sam’s is crib sized, so Grace’s will be too. I happen to know, through extensive research, that crib size is exactly the same as lap size and therefore will be useful approximately forever.

This is Sam’s (remember?): sammy-bed

Yellow is definitely the dominant color, though there are actually several prints with little to no yellow in them at all.

For Grace I ordered various red and pink prints. There aren’t as many sweet kids’ prints out right now as there were in summer of 2007 (when I bought the fabric for Sam’s quilt) so it is primarily florals and abstracts. I had to order from two different stores to get the prints I wanted. About half of them have arrived:


The three prints on the left are actually one fabric, which will be the backing. For the patchwork top, I’m thinking of doing squares, like this. What do you think? I want something simple, but not too simple. I briefly considered doing a stacked coins quilt, but discarded the idea because I want a pattern that will work with what I bought (quarter yards of about 11 prints).

Gold Medal!

I completed my Knitting Olympics project.


It came out exactly the way I pictured. I love it so much! It’s sized for Grace to wear this summer/fall, and I am writing up the pattern for it. I expect I’ll do it in sizes from 12 months to 8 years or so, and I might do an adult version as well if I’m feeling really patient (sizing sweaters requires a ton of math).

Vancouver Fuck Yeah!

So I watched a little bit of the Games on Friday at Andrea’s house. And you guys, I had no idea about the Winter Olympics (I’m a gymnastics fan). I was pretty much expecting ice skating, hoping to avoid seeing any Luge (done, except I watched Skeleton instead, which is just like Luge only EVEN MORE INSANE), and thinking that I might finally find out what the hell curling is (I did not, and don’t bother explaining it to me, that’s been done to no avail) (and yes, I know I could YouTube it but it’s funnier if I don’t know).

I also saw what may be the most balls-out ridiculous sport of all time. I don’t know what it’s called but it is SPECTACULAR.

Competitors cross country ski as fast as they can along a track, then suddenly and without warning (well, okay, at a designated spot) THROW THEMSELVES ON THE GROUND AND PULL OUT RIFLES. They shoot five times, then spring up, sling their rifles, and proceed along the track at top speeds to the next shooting spot, where they repeat process.


Now I know that Canadia, or The Great White North as they prefer to be called, is approximately 40 degrees below zero (Celsius) at all times. And I know they usually have about three feet of snow even in June, so they all know learn how to cross-country ski about five minutes after they learn to walk (five minutes before in the Yukon). So this makes sense as a Canadian sport. And I realize they are hosting the Olympics and all, but where did they find the other competitors? I can only assume they are all Scandinavian and Russian. Are there any other countries that even have snow shoes cross-country skis? (Edited to correct weird brain fart.)

Good grief. That was truly the craziest thing I’ve ever seen.

P.S. How come nobody told me that Christian Bale is skating for America? GO BATMAN!


It is absolutely astonishing to me how different my two babies are. Every day I find something about Grace that astonishes me because Sam was not like her.

Grace has started laughing. When Sam laughed as an infant, it was a sweet little cooing sound. Grace’s laughs are silent, open-mouthed, like Harpo. I think she is going to be a little ham.

Both kids, though, give their biggest laughs to their Daddy. So they are not entirely different.