Up every hour to see if you’re still breathing

After periods of sleep regression (really crappy sleep at developmental milestone ages including approximately four months), babies allegedly sleep through the night for at least a night or two.

Since sleeping through the night is defined as five hours of uninterrupted sleep (on what planet, I don’t know), I counted Sam’s return to three wakings nightly.

Guess what!

Thursday night Will put Sam to bed at 8:30 and he slept till 4:00, ate, and slept again till nearly 8:00. My boobs were the size and hardness of canteloupes, people. Canteloupes.

Last night Sam slept through the night. Asleep around 8:00 (maybe earlier), woke up (happy!) around 6:45.

Holy fucking shit.

(I pumped five ounces after he ate and they were still like grapefruits. Jeez oh pete.)

Of course, I got to bed super-late both nights. Sigh.

progress report

The following is a list of my works in progress, made against the advice of Cassie because I was really curious.

On the needles (or hook)

  • Somewhat Cowl holy crap it’s done – just need to block it
  • Spiderweb (my pattern, inspired by Regina)
  • Baby blanket for sister-in-law (my pattern)

Ready to go

  • Raglan silk tee (will make up as I go, wish me luck)
  • Cigar gloves for Will
  • assorted soakers for Sam (my pattern)
  • Branching Out with leftovers from Somewhat Cowl which took less yarn than expected
  • more blanket squares (assorted stitch patterns)
  • banjo strap for Will (no pattern, felted)

Wishlist (need yarn) (and time)

Clearly I have forgotten things, because this list looks totally manageable. Unpossible!

…Of course, I did not include a bunch of unfinished projects that I have no intention of picking back up, including the ill-advised baby blanket that I intend to rip out for my raglan tee.

By the way, I have been receiving squares for the blanket and they are terrific. Even my Grammy made a few! I feel so incredibly lucky to know so many generous knitters. That said, keep ’em coming – it takes a lot of squares to make a queen-sized blanket! (Is it insane that I’m thinking about making it a king? I mean, we might trade up to a bigger bed someday.)

NOTE: The squares do NOT have to be lace! I am doing lace because it gives me a chance to try out all the patterns I like without making a commitment.

Help, help, bother, help.

I used to understand basic (and some complex) math but I guess the space in my brain that it once occupied was needed for something else.

So, I am knitting a baby blanket for my sister-in-law who is pregnant. I am making my own pattern, which requires math. A stupid move, I grant you, but I am already in the thick of it and it’s TOO LATE NOW.

I did a swatch to figure out the size. A four-inch square took nineteen yards of yarn.

My brain entirely stops when I try to figure out how to multiply for a larger square.

If, for instance, I want to make a 40-inch square, do I multiply my yardage by ten? One hundred? A googol?

I currently have 820 yards of yarn but I can get more. (I’d rather not, of course, because I’m broke, but I can.) I’d like the blanket to be at least 30 inches square. It will be square no matter what because of the pattern.

Brain. Stopped.


Saturday Afternoon Photo Blogging

On your right, my son in a kimono that belonged to his Grandad when he was a baby. Isn’t it lovely? And totally absurd?

Photo taken by Gramma onn Labor Day.

I must take the time (and space, there is empty space here) to mention how adorable Sam is being right now. He has been all smiles all day. He has also been peeing every five minutes and I am really bored with the diaper changes, but it is hard to mind too terribly much when he is so sweet and giggly.

Below is a reminder of how adorable I was in my youth.

Photo by my father.


My friend Marsh doesn’t have it so easy. She’s got medical maladies up the wazoo (not literally! I hope!), the likes of which would make me despair. But she seeks out happiness with a small h every day and even finds time to cheer up sad little monkeys like me.

Today was a banner day for mail. We got Battlestar Galactica 2.5 (review copy – I love the perks of being a writer), goodies from my mom (diapers and more) and… BRISCO COUNTY JR from Marsh! Bruce Campbell is my favorite and I’ve always know this would be my favorite show ever. I’ve seen exactly one episode ever, but as soon as we’re through BooStooGoo I’ll be remedying that.

Thank you, Marsh! You are the best, Pumpkin.


Today Sam is four months old.

Will and I splurged on the $8 bottle of wine and sang “Happy Birthday” to Sam, who giggled and kicked.

In celebration, here are pictures of Sam after he was made but before he was here.


Bonus! Three never-before-seen pics! Two from early pregnancy and a 39 week pic from when I was in labor (orange shirt, wet hair).