I sewed some more! I am unstoppable!

You guys, I made four more things. FOUR. And one is reversible. And actually, I made a fifth thing–a pair of bandanna pants–but it is not for my kids so I’m not counting it.


Above is the Swing Swing Smock from Amy Karol’s Bend-the-Rules Sewing. It is EXACTLY the right thing for this fabric.



This is the Gemini Jumper from Very Baby. I bought the dandelion fabric last year (actually, my mom bought it for me) knowing that I wanted to make a reversible dress for Grace with it. I waited until the universe provided me with the exact pattern that was in my head. I think it turned out pretty good.


And my very favorite:


This is the free Oliver & S Popover Sundress.

I pulled the purple print fabric out of my stash because I needed a yoke fabric to go with the pink linen, which my sister picked up last month. I think the purple is an old curtain or something–it’s from my mom’s stash and is probably older than me. Since the pattern needed less fabric than I had, I decided to make two dresses. I’m so glad I did! But very worried about fit. I made size 2, and Grace only wears 18 months, but I was pretty carefree with the seams and might have made it too small. Luckily there is a ton more of the purple, so if I have to redo it I can.

Kids Clothes Week is over, but I hope I will find some more things to make for Sam. He needs a wardrobe as awesome as Gracie’s.

Kids Clothes Week Challenge!

It’s Kids Clothes Week again, and I got off to a terrific start yesterday:


and also:


which is totally reversible:


(It still needs some sort of closure. I just have to lug the snap press downstairs.)

(Also, I need to iron it. Shhh.)

These patterns are both from Leila & Ben. Above is the Sweet Little Dress, made from an old cowboy-style shirt of mine. I kept the original hem, so it’s kinda womlu, and I think I need to add some sew-in snaps to keep it closed better (or possibly just sew up the front), but it’s adorable and fits her perfectly. Below that is the Unisex Vest, which I made in Sam’s size.

But wait, there’s more! I also sewed Grace another dress, which also just needs snaps, but I ran out of light to take a photo and wasn’t home at all today. AND I cut out the sweetest little smock for her from green bird fabric that makes me swoon. I bought bias tape for it today and will sew it up tonight or in the morning. Probably morning, as the light here sucks once the sun goes down.

I feel so productive!

100 Dresses: The Janie Dress


I did not make this dress. It was made for me on the occasion of either my fifth or sixth birthday (my mom is not sure). The maker was Jane Stone, the mother of two little girls in my ballet class. We spent a lot of time with their family, and Jane was always making things.

The buttons are extremely life-like ladybugs; the three on the bodice are functional while the one on the pocket is decorative. I am so grateful to my mom for keeping this for 25 years. I can’t wait for it to fit Grace! (I can wait. UNIVERSE, I CAN WAIT. TAKE YOUR TIME.)

As soon as I find it, I will post a photo of tiny Annika wearing the dress.

100 Dresses: Two Summer Sundress


Pattern: Two Summer Sundress by Natalie Larson. Ravelry Link.

Size: 18 months, but I suspect I made the skirt too long.

Yarn: Lion Brand Cotton-Ease
Fabric: Way Out West by Marie Rose. I don’t know if this was new or vintage when I bought it a few years ago at Playthings in Studio City.

This one is not technically finished, as I still have to sew grosgrain ribbon to the inside to cover the seam and reinforce the straps, but I just had to photograph it now. I love the combination of knitting and sewing!

100 Dresses: Flower Girl Dress


Pattern: Flower Girl Dress by Heather Ross, from Weekend Sewing.

Size: 2. A lot of people have noted that the pattern runs small, so I widened the bodice.

The fabric is from my stash, and was in my mom’s stash before mine. She bought it to make something for me when I was small!

Thank you Alicia for inspiring me to post about the dresses I make for Grace. And apologies to my flickr friends for the repeat!