O hai.

Sew Noir Gradients

So, I have this etsy shop. It has a new logo courtesy of Lauren, and I am currently stocking it with custom sewn items. Like, you can buy something and I will make it just for you.

Por example:


That’s Whoopsie Dog. I made her for Gracie. I will make one for you or your child, too! Whoopsie is from an adorable Retro Mama pattern. I have these three other patterns, which I intend to sell softies from, but I need prototypes. If you would like to buy one, I will sell the first one to you for $20 (which is less than I will be charging down the road) as thanks for the opportunity to use it for photos.


Send me a note if you’re into that. I’ll do one of each toy at that price, to people I know. ETA: elephant is spoken for!

Also in the shop so far are bandanna pants and a stuffed toy from your child’s drawing. (Or yours! I don’t care as long as it’s original.) I will be adding superhero capes and some adult accessories in the near future. Infinity scarves and rockabilly headbands for sure, and I have some other ideas that I’m working on.

Hold me, I’m scared.

You guys, I just realized I need to go to Michaels and/or Jo-Ann this weekend. THE WEEKEND BEFORE CHRISTMAS. Oh lordy. How did I let this go till the last minute?

I need to purchase:

  • 26 buttons for Sam’s present
  • flannel for postpartum pads
  • dowels for Sam’s present
  • fabric for quilt binding
  • heavy duty stabilizer for diaper bag
  • white embroidery floss

And I think there was more, but I already don’t have enough money so I hope not. I can do without everything but the buttons if I have to, though. (Etsy shop is still stocked. Sales are abysmal. Whine, whine, whine.)

Holiday Etsy Update (with discount for you!)

I feel like it took me forever to get my shop updated! Sewing takes so much longer at eight months pregnant. But it is done, and if you are shopping for a toddler this year I hope you will consider buying something from me. To encourage you a bit, I am offering blog readers 20% off for all of December. Just mention that you read my blog in the notes to seller, and I will refund you the difference. PLUS, if you order by the end of the day Friday (December 4th), I will give you free shipping. All orders placed this week will ship on Monday.

Happy Shopping!

What I’m Up To

Last night Sam fell asleep before 6:30, sitting on Will’s lap listening to a story about a rooster.


He slept for about 12 hours, with two wake-ups to ask for water. He was awake for about an hour and a half this morning before asking to go back to bed. He slept for two more hours, called for me, and fell back to sleep patting my face. Then he slept for another two hours, woke up properly, ate something, and slept for another hour sitting upright (and then laying across me) on the couch.

Not only is this more sleep than Sam has ever gotten in 24 hours in his entire life, but… well, it is more sleep than Sam has ever gotten in 24 hours in his entire life. I guess this is what happens when he gets a cold (flu? whatever) for the first time since he stopped nursing.

I had no idea what to do with myself. So I napped with him for a little while (I needed it, I’d been up since 4:00) and then I got some work done.


I’ve still got all the sewing to do, but I got everything cut out and put together. Not bad for a morning. One of these is a gift, but the other two will be going up on Etsy and blog readers will get a special discount, so if you have a toddler to shop for keep me in mind!


Because it’s hot and I am trying to clean up my craft area (not right now; right now I am lying on the couch, sweating and complaining of a heat headache), and also because I found some things I want to buy for the baby (which apparently necessitates money), all bandanna pants are on sale in my Etsy shop. And I will extend the discount to any custom orders placed this month by blog readers – just convo me on Etsy with the details of what you want, or shoot me an email. I will put up a custom listing for you once I make your pants.

Fact: Bandannas are Awesome.

(Alternate title: And Speaking of Pants…)


Last summer I made Sam a little pair of pants out of two bandannas. Every time he wears them someone freaks out about how cute they are and where did I get them and really, I made them?

So last week I made him two more pairs (pictures to come) and I made another four pairs to sell. Three of them are listed on etsy right now, as you can see on my lefthand sidebar. The fourth pair will be listed as soon as I get it photographed — my camera battery died. Also anyone who can figure out why the etsy widget is screwing up my pretty sidebar gets a cookie.

Blog friends who would like to buy bandanna pants can get $5 off (except the pair that is already marked down) in March by mentioning this offer at the time of purchase.

EDIT: Wow, sold out! Thanks, guys! I will restock soon.