It’s National Siblings Day!

I did not know this was a thing, but there are days for just about everything, apparently.

DID YOU KNOW that I have a sibling and am in possession of many adorable photos of us as children? OH YES. I DO AND I AM.

This is not us. It’s our Grammy and Aunt Edie.

This is us! I am the bigger one with the darker hair. This is still true.



I’m not naming names, but someone was mad that it wasn’t her birthday.



Please direct your attention to our AMAZING matching outfits and the fact that we are on the roof of one of the Twin Towers.

Vintage Photo Friday: In The Navy


This is my Grandpa, Robert Arthur Lee, on Guam during the second World War. He was stationed there as a Sea Bee. I recently asked him about it and he sent me a written account of his service. I’ll share a little of it here.

In 1944, as soon as I turned 18 I immediately joined the US Navy. The second world war was on and as soon as you reached 18 years old you were up for draft. Having been born and raised by the Ocean I certainly did not want to be drafted into the Army. So I immediately joined the Navy.

And a wonderful (scary!) story:

One night while at Sea I went to the Ship’s Mess Hall for some Coffee. The Ship’s radio was on and Tokyo Rose (propaganda announcer used by Japan) announced that tonight’s program is for the benefit of the Boys on the U.S.S. Wakefield. The Ship that I was on. I dropped my cup of Coffee.

She announced the Names of the Officers in charge (I didn’t even know their names). She said that we were headed for Guam and that the Ship would be sunk by a Japanese Sub before we get there.

Obviously they were not.

On Guam itself:

Our troops had no contact with the natives. Guam is a beautiful Island but VERY VERY HOT and uncomfortable. Pitching Horse Shoes in the shade we were dripping wet with perspiration.

The Ocean around Guam is very deep. All around Guam just off shore is the most beautiful Coral Reef teaming with all kinds of Marine life. Including Barracuda, Sharks and Moray eels etc. I’ve had them swim right up to me I foolishly had no fear and was very lucky. The Coral Reefs and Marine life was even better than any I’ve seen in Hawaii.

There’s more but I don’t feel I can share it all as I did not get permission to do so. I’ve corrected some typos but left his capitalization and soforth as-is.

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Vintage Photo Friday: Here Comes The Bride


I never met my great-grandmother, Louise Froment. This is from her wedding to William North Runk in 1927. Sam’s middle name is William after him.


Here’s Grammy again, at her wedding to my grandpa Robert Arthur Lee in 1949.


Just for the heck of it, that one’s me in 2004. You’ve seen it before, I know, but I didn’t feel like looking for the CD with the files to find another one.

(I don’t seem to have any pictures of my mom’s wedding. Which is odd since I took them. Mom, if you want me to post one, please email!)

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Vintage Photo Friday: Amelia Earhart


I think most girls probably go through an Amelia Earhart phase, presumably somewhere between the Helen Keller phase and the Elizabeth I phase. I somehow skipped over the Amelia love, but this past week a google search led me to these photographs and I AM SMITTEN.


Seriously, you guys: Amelia Earhart and HARPO. Or, as Will said when I showed him this photo, “What is Cassie doing with Harpo Marx?”

There are more photos after the cut. Because I could not narrow it down.

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Vintage Photo Friday: Costumes


My mom sent me this photo of Grammy and Edie, with the following note:

The story is that Jane kept pinching Edith, so her costume was made to contain her hands, hence the duck. Edith is a Rose. Turns out they told each other years later that they each wanted to be the other character! Mom said she thought it was a performance or playlet at the YWCA, circa 1934. It is a family classic photo.

Thanks for sending it, Mom! I am laughing so hard every time I look at it.

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Vintage Photo Fiday: Wedding Guests


Remember my Grammy? This photo was taken at her wedding to my Grandpa, Robert Arthur Lee, sometime around 1948 or 49. (Once again I have failed to get the proper information before posting. Gah. In my defense, they are divorced so it isn’t an anniversary I’d have any reason to know.)

I don’t know who these guests are. Most likely Lee relations. I thought it would be fun to make up stories about them. Won’t you play along? Make up a story about one or more of the people in the picture and post it in the comments. Best one wins… well, not a prize but certainly my undying affections. You can click the picture to enlarge it.