I’d rather be fighting crime.

So I’m sitting here, trying to write. Nothing monumental. Just a blog entry. And I do think that blog writing is real writing, but still. It doesn’t generally require sitting around agonizing over what I’m going to write about. Hello? It is a blog. I write about me.

But it turns out that’s harder when you have Venture Bros on DVD, even if it is the first season which you have already seen. That’s OK. You ordered season 2, so this is like a refresher for when it arrives.

Plus, Brock Sampson is inexplicably hot.

Please forget I said that.

Dude, I just distracted myself by going to Twitter to check whether people I am not following have replied to my Tweets. This is sad. I have bloggy ADD.

OK, upcoming blog posts:
–Photos of me at age 13 (Mom and Sis have emailed, I just have to resize)
–Some bloggy love was bestowed on me and I shall pass it along
–Product reviews (preview: Smelly Stuff is yummy)
–How I am able to be a Writer and a Blogger

But right now I have to go watch TV with Will. Ta!

Remember how I was going to blog every day in December?

Ha ha, fooled you!

I really was planning to write every day, but I got blog-blocked. It’s like writer’s block but slightly less serious. Only slightly.

Last year I made some New Year’s Resolutions for the first time in approximately ever. Let’s revisit them, shall we?

  • I resolve to read blogs through a feed reader so that I waste less time online.
  • Er, well. I use a feed reader, anyway.

  • I resolve to spend the time I save writing, knitting, and playing with my son. Not in that order.
  • Ahem. Kind of.

  • I resolve to be nicer to my husband.
  • You will have to ask him, but I am pretty sure I failed.

  • I resolve to treat my body better and be in less pain by eating better, exercising, and trying to get some damn sleep.
  • This one is an overall success, but still very much a work in progress. I eat better (most of the time) and I occasionally go for walks or do some yoga. I have not gotten any sleep, but not for lack of trying.

  • I resolve to re-learn how to sew, and to make wonderful things.
  • Done! I totally owned this one! GO ME!

  • I resolve to enjoy every moment.
  • Work in progress. I’d say I’ve been more successful than not.

    Stay tuned for my 2008 resolutions.


    me, before publishing last night’s post: What do you think?
    him: It’s a good article. Wait, that’s not the right word. What do you call it?
    me, glowing: Oh, you can call it an article. It makes my blog sound so important.

    Cash, Culture & Violence

    An etiquette question:

    If some new friends buy your first drink, is it bad manners to never buy yourself a second drink? I hate to look like a freeloader when I am in fact just a lightweight.

    A second question, in no way related to the first:

    If you are concerned about your behavior in front of someone who reads your blog, is writing about it on your blog the ultimate passive-aggressive bullshit, or am I just channeling your mother-in-law?

    Not immune.

    You know all those NaBloPoMo posts around mid-November? The ones that all basically said, “I can’t believe I signed up for this! I have nothing more to say!” Those?

    I never made one of those. I post nearly every day most months anyway. Also, I invented Nablopomo but I called it something else and I didn’t have prizes. So anyway, I never felt burned out in November.

    But December? Is kicking my ass. And I? Have nothing to say.

    I am not even making this up.

    A few minutes ago I looked at my blog (this one right here) and got annoyed that I haven’t updated. Yes, really.

    What does it mean? Other than the fact that I am clearly crackers, of course.

    It’s just that I’ve been so busy worrying about money (we don’t have any, in fact there is a notable deficit), worrying about finishing all my Christmas presents in time, worrying about the fact that Sam is hungry all the time and I can’t seem to feed him enough, worrying about whether I will ever find a job that doesn’t interfere with raising my child, worrying about what to make for dinner.

    So to say I’m scatterbrained would be an understatement.

    So in place of anything requiring brainpower, here’s a picture of Sam:

    Sam sweeping

    Maybe he can get a job…

    Rolling with my homies

    So, I hate my blogroll. I’ve hated it for a while now, and just ignored it. Which means it is even more out of date than it was when I started hating it! I’ve thought about just removing the page altogether, but I don’t love that idea, either. I mean, I don’t hate the people on my blogroll!

    I use the Google Reader “share” function (see Great Googley-Moogley, to the right side of your screen) for most of my needs, but I am not sure whether anyone follows that and besides which I know I forget to share great posts all the time.

    Jessica and Heather, two of my favorite bloggers, are both redesigning their sites and will have rotating image links to their favorite blogs (and readers blogs). Heather is doing screencaps, Jessica is doing something a little different I think. I like this idea. No, I love it.

    I don’t want to do exactly what they are doing, for a variety of reasons including not wanting to copy them and not having the foggiest idea how to implement such a thing, but I would like to do something. I am open to suggestions. My thinking is that I will do something simple either on my sidebar or on a dedicated page, and maybe once a week I’ll do a spotlight link. Or would that be too elitist? Gah, this is complicated.

    Like I said, I am open to suggestions. What I really mean is: PLEASE TO MAKE THE SUGGESTIONS THANK YOU.