It’s so rare that readers notice my selection word.

This just in from spambot “Sheila King,” who recognizes my professional blog writing skill:

It seems like you have a professional blog writing skill. Your topic selection is interesting and content is well organized. I also like your selection word and sentence structure, which helps to get a clear idea of the topic.

The rest of you are going to have to step it up with the observation and compliments if you hope to see more of my sentence structure.

I was going to blog…

…but while I was out yesterday, the boys decorated for Halloween. So I am too busy admiring my abode (and eating candy corn) to say anything even remotely interesting.

I will leave you with this tease: Sam has gone on his first pony ride. He begged for it as soon as he saw it. I think all these oaters we’ve been watching have gotten to him. (His favorites are Tex Ritter and The Lone Ranger.)

Gotta run, this candy corn is not going to eat itself. At least, I don’t think it will. I’d better keep an eye on it just in case it tries.

Blogus Interruptus

Just a quick note to let you know that if my blog disappears it means I haven’t renewed my domain name. I received a few very kind donations to help with costs but irresponsibly spent the money on groceries. Sigh. Anyway, don’t panic. With any luck I’ll have it sorted out by the end of the week. Edit, 9/29 — obviously this has been sorted out now. I THOUGHT I WAS GOING TO DIE WITHOUT YOU, BLOG!

Sometimes I Wonder

So, the comments on my last post were all pretty awesome. You guys are okay by me. It did make me wonder, though: do I come across as knowing what I am doing most of the time? Because I feel like I do. At the risk of sounding egotistical, I think I’m a great parent. But because I know there are a lot of people reading this, I tend to play up my inadequacy sometimes. Because it is funny. But sometimes I think people are not reading it as humor but as total lack of confidence. So I feel the need to say, “Don’t worry! I am plenty confident.” And of course, the fact that I feel like I have to say that just proves that I AM NOT CONFIDENT.

Welcome to my brain.

So anyway. Did I tell you all that when we were swimming every day at Cassie’s, Sam would get out of the pool and go to the restroom when he needed to pee? I think he is the only child in the history of swimming pools to do that without prompting of any kind. (Frankly, I don’t care if he pees in the pool.) (Oh, that reminds me–we are all set now for diapers but we’re going to need a small swim diaper. Somebody make sure I buy one before next summer.)

Here’s a good story: The other day Will and Sam were having a Jedi fight. Not a light saber fight, but a force fight. Will suddenly extended his Wolverine claws and Sam, not missing a beat, put his hand up to his temple and blasted Will with his Cyclops eye beams. No wonder Sam doesn’t talk a lot–he is way too busy thinking up awesome ways to knock his mom out with his own awesomeness (no, my double use of “awesome” was NOT redundant).

And in other news, Los Angeles is burning. Again. There are four major fires in four different directions basically surrounding the city. We are perfectly safe except for all the ash in the air, but at least one of the fires is like 0% contained so I am pretty worried for the people who live closer than we do.

Best of?

I’ve always wanted to enter something like this, but I’m not sure any of my 2009 posts are good enough to send in. I haven’t been so much with the storytelling this year–more the quickie anecdote. Which is my favorite kind of blogging, but not so good for an anthology.

Here are a few I’m considering:

Unfair — in which the boot guy laments a kiss.

In Which I Suck At My Job — in which I suck at my job.

Cloth Diaper Redux — this one may not qualify as it is not really a narrative.

I meant to write about DST kicking my ass. — parenting is challenging; Sam is amazing.

— in which I found my journal from 1996 and shared some bad poetry.

Splainy — learning how to negotiate with a three-year-old terrorist.

Memo to the President — a letter to Obama offering him the tactical use of my screaming banshee in order to end the wars in Iraq, Afghanistan, and anywhere else that the enemy has eardrums.

A Drawer of One’s Own — a post about going from being a girlfriend without a drawer to being a family where everyone has a drawer. I am terribly proud of this post title, in particular.

Any thoughts? I’m really not sure any of these are good enough to submit, so I definitely want input. And feel free to suggest posts not listed here, if you like. Just keep in mind that I am fairly certain any photographs or links would not be included in the anthology so a post that relies on imagery or clicks won’t work. This post, for instance, is one of my favorites, but I’m not sure it works as a stand-alone. Help!

You can also nominate posts yourself (not just mine–yours or someone else’s) here.

For free or for a fee!

Just received a (moderated) spam comment on this post calling it “Easily some of the best writing online.” I am so flattered! Oh, what the heck. Here’s the entire comment:

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Easily some of the best writing online. Amazed to see this level of detail (for free or for a fee). Keep up the good work, and thank you for opening my eyes to a new thing.

Ada Lovelace Day

I wanted to post something today for Ada Lovelace Day, in celebration of women in tech. I signed up and everything! But the day is nearly over and I have no idea what to write. So here’s to all the ladies who blog. One of you was the first, and I am SO GLAD.