Buy My Wares, Part 2

I feel like a total shithead for publishing this in light of everything that’s happening across the country because of Ferguson and the unjustness of Darren Wilson going free without so much as an investigation. Please know that it is on my mind.

So, I also design knitting patterns. And it’s time for holiday knitting now, so I am offering discounts on some of my existing catalogue from now through the new year.

Screen shot 2014-11-14 at 9.09.16 AM

Click the photo or right here to get to the bundle on Ravelry, where there are codes for 20, 30, and 40% off your purchase.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Review and Giveaway: Kung Fu Knits


Okay, I love this book. It is a knitting-themed comic book with knitting patterns, or maybe a knitting pattern book with a comic.

The comic book portion is super cute. It has great illustrations–not too complicated (I hate distracting stuff in comics) but with tons of detail (I hate lack of detail too, which makes me difficult to please). But am I its intended audience? I asked my children to come read it with me. Sam, who is eight, read Liam’s dialogue, and I read Elizabeth’s. Grace (four) was disappointed that there is no little girl, but she loved the hedge dragon. Sam couldn’t believe how quickly it was over.

“AWWW. That’s IT? I wish there was MORE!”

Well, there you have it. Kung Fu Knits is kid-tested and mom-approved.

The patterns are straight-forward and relatively easy, with clear directions. These projects are not for a true novice, but an adventurous beginner with all basic knitting skills mastered could manage. At the same time, there is enough going on that I would happily knit one of the projects without fear of getting bored. (After all, Gilmore Girls is on Netflix. I am going to keep mentioning that until I have time to watch all seven seasons.)

I am giving away a copy of the e-book. To enter, just leave a comment on this post by next Wednesday, October 8th. You can comment about anything, but if you need a topic, how about your favorite martial arts movie? Please include your email address and/or Ravelry username so Elizabeth can send the book to the winner.

If you just can’t wait to get a copy:

Kung Fu Knits is available for digital download for $9.95 at Ravelry or in paperback for $15.95 at Cooperative Press (comes with the digital download). I believe it will be on Amazon soon as well, though you will not get the digital download with the paperback if you purchase there.

I also have a discount code that’s good for any of Elizabeth’s self-published patterns: you can use the code kfklaunch for 15% off.

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Meet Virginia


Oh hi. I design knitting patterns occasionally.

Virginia is a modification of Ginger, with a contrast band, shorter headsize, and different brim. For a limited time, if you have already bought Ginger (or if you buy them together), Virginia is free.

In the next few weeks, I plan to release an ebook of four art deco cloche patterns: Ginger, Dorothy, Virginia, and a new one called Nora. Stay tuned!

You seem an opinionated fellow.

Hi! I need your opinions.


These are my Posy and Paw Print Cardis. Right now they are offered as a buy one, get one 50% off, because the fit and instructions are very similar.

Yesterday I accidentally designed a bonnet to match. I’d actually intended to do that since I first designed Posy in 2011 but for whatever reason yesterday was the day the bee crept into my, well, bonnet. I intend to make a regular (beanie-style) hat as well.

Should I make an ebook of all four patterns, or sell the hats separately and keep the sweater deal as-is?

Olympic Pride

Human rights, and especially the rights of LGBTQ people, are very important to me. To say I am horrified that the Olympics are happening in Sochi, where the Russian government treats being gay as a criminal act (and don’t bother telling me it’s decriminalized, their actions speak much louder than their laws), makes me sick. I love the Olympics. Sure, I’m more of a summer games girl (GYMNASTICS!!!!!) but the winter games are pretty great too (ICE SKATING!!!)

I can’t boycott the games. I couldn’t watch them if I wanted to, so I have no leverage. I can try to boycott sponsors, but I don’t think that would be super-effective.

Lucky for me, my fellow knitwear designer Bristol Ivy hatched a lovely plan: during the games, I and several other independent designers will be donating a portion of pattern sales to a variety of organizations working for gay rights. Bristol has a complete (evolving) list here.

All of my self-published patterns are eligible. I considered offering a discount, but decided against it. Instead, I will give 75% of the full price to Lambda Legal during opening ceremonies (for simplicity’s sake, all day Thursday Friday PST) and 50% of the full price for the duration of the games. All fees (Paypal, Ravelry, etc) will come out of the remaining percentage, so if you buy a $6 pattern a full $3 (or $4.50 opening day) will go to Lambda Legal. You don’t need to use a coupon code or anything; I will count every sale.

Doomsday Knits: Fission

Nuclear Fission (splitting the atom): In nuclear physics and nuclear chemistry, nuclear fission is either a nuclear reaction or a radioactive decay process in which the nucleus of a particle splits into smaller parts (lighter nuclei).


If you are a knitter or survival enthusiast, you may already be aware that Alexandra Tinsley has a book coming out with Cooperative Press next month titled Doomsday Knits: Projects for the Apocalypse and After.

What you might not have known until just now is that I have a pattern in the book.


Fission is a fingerless mitt pattern that will keep you warm in the nuclear winter. The fabric background suggests corrugated iron. Cables travel across the back of the hand, come together, and then split. (Get it? Fission.) The cables end in i-cord ties.

See them on Ravelry.

I didn’t originally design these for the apocalypse. In fact, I originally intended them to be kinda steampunky. I came up with the idea in response to a call for submissions for a steampunk knitting collection, but it didn’t quite fit there.

I considered a few other possible homes for the pattern before deciding to self-publish. Beth at Lorna’s Laces kindly supplied yarn for me, and I had gotten as far as a preliminary chart when Alex put out the submissions call for Doomsday Knits. I couldn’t resist, and threw together a quick proposal. Lucky for me, she saw the same potential I did, so I knitted the gloves and sent them off for photography. (I think you will agree that photographer Vivian Aubrey did an AMAZING job!)

IMG_4564 (1)

See the rest of the Doomvember blog posts! There is a list here, and you can see yesterday’s post, about the gorgeous green hat that appears above, here. The book will be available next month–more information here.

A Little Night Magic

Look, I don’t really like Sondheim. But his shows have the BEST titles, and since I used a yarn color called “Night Magic” I just had to pun it up a little. Who wants night music when they can have night magic?


Also, Grace will eat you if you try any funny business. (Funny business includes but is not limited to: trying to feed her anything other than pepperoni pizza, refusing to read Spot Bakes A Cake for the eighth time in a row, and basically everything else.)


A Little Night Magic is a child’s skirt pattern, written for sizes 1-2, 3-4, 5-6, 7-8, and 9-10.



I’ve got a new pattern coming out! Should be up on Ravelry in the morning. I’ve been informed by test knitters that it’s an “addicting” knit, and by the model that she needs another one, please.

(I’m just kidding, she didn’t say please.)

13 in 13 update

I…have I blogged about any of the shawls I’ve knitted this year? I don’t think I have. How careless of me.

Well, I did show you Mandi’s shawl. Here it is again, to refresh your memory:
catkinCatkin by Carina Spencer

I also knitted a cowl, which I do not have a good picture of. Here, make do with this mediocre blocking shot:
biscuit-blocking-cropBiscuit by Bonnie Sennott

I did a little Veera knit-along with some Twitter friends in the spring:
play-unblockedPlay by Veera Valimaki

Remember when I asked you about the yellow yarn? I chose:
paralucia56Paralucia by verybusymonkey

But I also knitted Coast Starlight, with yarn that has actual starlight in it (okay, stellina), for my best friend Katherine:
Coast Starlight

And I made a going away present for my friend Leah:
graphic03aGraphic Kerchief by Ce Persiano

You know, I am just now realizing that I’m at a rate of 50% giving my knitting away. Hmm. Hmmmmm. I am impulse casting on Jennifer Dassau’s new pattern, Phi, in an effort to correct this. Or because I have zero self-control and it is PRETTY.


It is eleventy-million degrees outside (Fahrenheit) but today is September first so BY GOD I shall knit today. (Yes I know it is not actually fall for like three weeks. Whatever.)

I am currently working on a cardigan to wear this fall at the New York Sheep and Wool Festival (Rhinebeck). The pattern is Woodstove Season and the yarn is Plymouth Galway that my friend Cindy gave me when she was destashing last year.


I know, you can’t see anything and also I’ve already posted this picture. Shush.

I’m also trying to finish up a pair of socks that I started, oh, four years ago. One sock is done and the second is a foot, which means I just have to knit straight (with super-easy patterning) for like six inches.


Of COURSE I am making one thing on size 8 needles and one on 0s. Because I love my wrists. And my thumbs. Ouchy.

I’ve got a few designs for fall as well. A scarf and wrap set, of which I have knitted the scarf so far, and a shawl in the most luscious alpaca silk (Honor) that I think will be the knitting I bring for our trip east. The children are coming with me for Rhinebeck and we will stay with my mom in Woodstock for two weeks so we can go to my sister’s wedding in western New York. I do not know how we will manage without Will. I mean, not so much practically–we’re pretty resourceful–but we will miss him so much.

Once I’ve got these accessories (and one or two more Art Deco-inspired hats) out, I’m going to really focus on children’s garments. They seem to be my niche and I think I need to embrace that. (For one thing, no one is responding to my adult stuff. It is disheartening.)

I’m waiting on yarn for a boys’ sweater that I think will be just about the most beautiful thing I’ve ever made. It will be in SweetGeorgia Yarns super wash worsted, and when the original yarn was lost in the mail Felicia generously offered to redye it! I am constantly impressed with her company.

I’ve also got ideas for several mini pattern collections. I may have to declare 2014 the year of the e-book. Let’s see if I have the follow-through…