Fall Color Week: Burnt Sienna + Goldenrod

Oops! I never posted yesterday’s picture for color week. Here it is:


Those lovely stripes of burnt sienna are the sunlight on my cradle. I slept in it, Sam slept in it, and Otter will sleep in it.

And here is today’s photo:


That’s the felt to make another kitchen playmat, which I will put in my etsy shop when it’s ready. (It could be a while. I’m a little behind.)

Fall Color Week: Brick Red

It’s Fall Color Week at Elsie Marley and today’s color is brick red. Bricks come in so many shades of red, and I have so much red around me, that I had trouble narrowing it down to one thing I could photograph. So I took about half a dozen photos, and chose three. (Don’t worry; tomorrow’s color is burnt sienna and I don’t know that I have anything suitable at all.)




Thanks for letting me play along, Meg!