Book Review: The Creative Family

Creative FamilyI have been peeing myself with excitement (not literally, sheesh) since Amanda Soule of Soulemama first revealed that she was to be a published author. The family life she writes about on her blog echoes the way I grew up and the way I hope to raise my children. Her writing, her photographs, and the pure joy with which she lives; the creative spirit that so clearly permeates every aspect of the Soule family’s life; every entry at her blog is so inspiring, and to learn that she’d written a book encouraging other families to live creatively? Hoorah!

So you can imagine my reaction when someone from the book’s publicity team emailed me. He’d found my blog and thought I might be interested in a review copy of the book. I managed to refrain from screaming YES YES GIVE IT TO ME NOW, which I think was pretty awesome of me. He sent the book and I devoured it. Literally. (Oh, fine, I’m kidding. It was figurative. But only just.)

Many of the ideas in the book are not new to me. Fewer toys? Check. Fun with existing items, dress-up, crafts? Check. Incorporating nature into our lives? Daily rituals? Um, I’m working on those. Do I need a book to tell me, “Yes, you are on the right path”? Well, not really. But it sure is nice to feel so affirmed, and it is really wonderful to know that this book exists for all the parents out there who think, “Oh, I am not creative.” I believe–and so does Amanda–that you are, too. And there are many ideas in the book that are new to me, or new ways to approach ideas I already have.

The book is a practical guide to freeing up your creativity and enjoying your days as a family. Though, as I said, much of it matches the lifestyle we already lead, there are many ideas that I am absolutely smitten with and can’t wait to incorporate.

This is not a pattern book*, but it does include guidelines for a few projects. I can’t wait till Sam has the dexterity to work on my favorite with me: the handmade sewing cards. I just may have to make a few now. For later. Really, I’m not going to sew them myself.

Sam is not too young to live a creative life, and The Creative Family is a marvelous, encouraging book that I think we will refer to frequently for inspiration.

The book will be available in April. You can read more abut it here, and pre-order it at Amazon.

*but she is writing one! I am so excited and can’t wait for more info.