December Project #whatever

So much time, so little to do! AHHH HOW IS CHRISTMAS IN FIVE DAYS!?

I finally got my nephews’ gifts sent off. Inside the packages are superhero capes, which I failed to photograph. They’re red on one side and deep blue on the reverse. I’m really pleased with how they came out.

I’m also really delighted with the wrapping! I got the idea on Pinterest (where else).

Christmas and Birthday and Presents, Oh My!

We went to Ikea today because I’d gotten a circular about their three day sale. Normally I only participate in Black Friday-type events online, but Ikea had their Circus Tent marked down to $7.99 and that was an offer I couldn’t refuse.

The trip overall was a mixed bag. The store wasn’t any more crowded than it is on any weekend. Sam remembered about SmÃ¥land and begged to stay there and play. Grace wanted to play too and was bitterly disappointed when she was told that she’s too small, which was a tremendous injustice for all of us (she is just a hair too short). We got the tent, a few kitchen things I needed, some wrapping paper, and a plush snake that Will thinks Grace needs (he is not the only one subject to these whims–I bought her a plush rat, which will come in handy if the snake gets hungry).

Most importantly, the purchase of the tent means that we are nearly ready for Christmas! I’ve already ordered the children’s individual gifts (superhero figures for Sam; a Minnie Mouse watch and polar bear for Grace), the tent will be for them both, and I have just to pick up some stocking stuffers and our annual tradition of new pajamas for Christmas Eve.

And then comes herself’s birthday! I am making her a Black Apple Doll and Dala Horse bunting to hang over her bed. We’ll have her party in January when her friends are back from vacations, but of course I’ll make her some cake on her day.

I’m worried that I should make something for Sam. Not should-should, but want to-should. I love giving him stuff I’ve made! Plus I am worried that the superheroes aren’t enough gift, even though there are four of them and it’s exactly what he asked for. I’ve been trying to figure out what to make for like a month, though! I can’t think of anything! (I need to knit him a new cardigan but that is way too time-intensive. He’s getting big and I am super-burned out on knitting.) Any ideas?


The stores have stocked Halloween stuff! IT’S MY MOST FAVORITE TIME OF THE YEAR! (I am really glad they waited until after Labor Day, though. I’m pretty sure last year they replaced Back to School with Halloween before school even started, which is insanely stupid.) We really can’t afford to buy much, but I picked up a couple little things on Saturday.

Grace did not like the Halloween aisles. She kept saying “It too scary!” We are looking into the possibility that she was switched at birth. (Is that even possible for a baby born on the living room floor? Never mind.)

On Sunday I begged Will to let me start decorating. He said no, because it was only September 16th. Then I went upstairs and happened to see that he was still logged into the computer with iTunes playing his Christmas playlist. So we started decorating for Halloween.

(It was brought to my attention after I took this picture that the haunted house on the right is backward–the candle should be in front, to cast a shadow on the wall. Oops.)

(Also, it really bothers me that there is a Shirley Jackson novel missing from my collection, but it’s a little overpriced so I won’t be adding it anytime soon.)


This just happened:

Grace: More chock-it bunna, Mom?

Me: I’m sorry, Gracie, it’s all gone. You ate it up.

Grace makes a sad face.

Sam: I want Sam’s chock-lit Kiki.

Me and Will: ???

Sam: Kiki chock-lit mine.

Yup. He was saying he wanted Grace (“Kiki”) to have the rest of his. And then I cried. (And Will cried, because he just finished cleaning Grace up from eating her bunny.)

He is really the best big brother ever.

Merry Merry

I hope your Christmas is as bright as ours.


(This photo is from my mom’s phone, so you will have to use your imaginations about what color everything really is.)

Grace opted out of unwrapping anything, but was very happy with her rocking horse and Woody doll. I’m sure sooner or later she will notice that she got some other stuff as well.

Sam was REALLY into the whole thing, starting last night when he helped Will decorate the tree while I made our traditional Christmas Eve pizza.

I got everything I wanted! Santa brought me a DVD of the recent Jane Eyre movie, a tea kettle, and some books. I still need a new pair of shoes–but I got some Amazon gift certificates so I can probably get them myself.

Hmm, I just realized no one gave me yarn. How mysterious. It is almost as though everyone thinks I already have plenty. BUT THAT CAN’T BE TRUE.

Santa’s Workshop


This is before I got out the wrapping paper and started unpacking Amazon boxes.


These birds are inspired by the felt bird kits from Purl Soho. I have no idea how theirs are done, but I freely admit to borrowing the basic idea! I just freehanded the bird and wing shapes, cut them out, and traced them onto wool felt. Each bird is a layer of white and a layer of brown stitched together with red embroidery floss. Pretty!


Presents! One reader is getting a sneak peak of her gift, but I’m not saying who.

The Super Sam & Grace Super Show

We had a pretty good Halloween.

samluigi gracemario

By which I actually mean TOTALLY AWESOME.


I made the kids’ shirts and sewed the letters onto their hats. Sam carried the treat bag I sewed for him three years ago (OMG, who IS that tiny boy in the linked post?) and Grace carried the giant plastic pumpkin she fell in love with at Target a few weeks ago. Seriously, she would NOT put it down. So I figured what the heck, and bought it for her.


At the first two houses we visited, the (older) ladies handing out candy asked, “Are you two dressed as train conductors?” I tried to explain, but…yeah.

Both kids were REALLY into the trick or treating stuff. Sam has been kind of baffled by it every year until now. Grace was clearly confused but just went with it. She is easy like that.

We saw a group of older teenagers, really too old to be trick or treating, but for once I was not annoyed by it. They were in full costume and looked GREAT, and they were very nice to all the smaller kids. Though Catwoman did try to take Mario home with her.

After we got home, late, we had one trick or treater. Since that has been our yearly average, I was pretty impressed.

Though not as impressed as I am that both kids allowed me to draw on mustaches.