Knit All The Things!

I am currently experiencing a glut of yarn.

First my friend Lori (a fellow knitting teacher and excellent human being) gave me some AMAZING yarn – some Wollmeise fingering and Numa Numa DK. There wasn’t room for it, so I went through my stash, chucked anything I didn’t love, and photographed most of the rest for my Ravelry stash page. (By the way, when I say I chucked yarn, I mean I literally chucked it in a pile next to my stash bureau. It’s still there.)

Then I went through my Ravelry queue, which I recently got down from something insane like 13 pages to a manageable eight pages. I went through it again and got it down to six pages. MUCH BETTER! Then I added a bunch of stuff I have to knit RIGHT NOW. But! It is still six pages!

Then I started hearing back from yarn companies I’d contacted with enquiries about yarn support for design ideas. And got more than one “yes.” (Luckily for different projects – oh my god, can you imagine if I’d doubled up my requests and…I can’t even think about it. I would never do that.)

THEN I was clicking around on Etsy, as one does, and I saw it. THE plummy-purple yarn OF. MY. DREAMS. And it happened right after I saw a painting on Pinterest of a girl wearing the most divine hat. And…I decided I had to make a hat with that purple and some grey. So I spent two days chatting with the dyer about her different yarn bases and different greys and since I had some money in Paypal from selling my new patterns I just…bought them. Because.

And now I am looking around at my half-finished pattern set (it’s a costume for boys and it’s awesome), my eight million swatches-in-progress (first deadline for submissions is next week and I haven’t even started that one), and the various Christmas presents I’m working on (after a five year break I am knitting for Christmas again), and I realized.


Somehow, wanting to Knit All The Things has turned into trying to Knit All The Things.

The Super Sam & Grace Super Show

We had a pretty good Halloween.

samluigi gracemario

By which I actually mean TOTALLY AWESOME.


I made the kids’ shirts and sewed the letters onto their hats. Sam carried the treat bag I sewed for him three years ago (OMG, who IS that tiny boy in the linked post?) and Grace carried the giant plastic pumpkin she fell in love with at Target a few weeks ago. Seriously, she would NOT put it down. So I figured what the heck, and bought it for her.


At the first two houses we visited, the (older) ladies handing out candy asked, “Are you two dressed as train conductors?” I tried to explain, but…yeah.

Both kids were REALLY into the trick or treating stuff. Sam has been kind of baffled by it every year until now. Grace was clearly confused but just went with it. She is easy like that.

We saw a group of older teenagers, really too old to be trick or treating, but for once I was not annoyed by it. They were in full costume and looked GREAT, and they were very nice to all the smaller kids. Though Catwoman did try to take Mario home with her.

After we got home, late, we had one trick or treater. Since that has been our yearly average, I was pretty impressed.

Though not as impressed as I am that both kids allowed me to draw on mustaches.

The Case of the Mysterious Thumping

Grace and I woke up at about 5:30 this morning. She was just looking for a little milk to top herself off, which normally wakes me up enough to comply, but doesn’t keep me awake (family bed rules). Today, though, I heard some strange thumping sounds and got up to investigate. (Grace was not pleased.) It sounded as though someone was moving furniture and banging it against the wall, or a tree branch was thumping against the building, or a very very very large rodent or bird was stuck inside the wall. Or pigeon, which is a rodent-bird.

I eliminated the tree branch possibility immediately, since they just trimmed the trees outside our windows down to stumps (exaggeration) (not much), and there was no way to check for a trapped animal, so Will put on pants and went to investigate the neighbors below us. He couldn’t hear anything from the hallway, so that possibility remains a big question mark.

The sound stopped eventually, and then Sam woke up, so I’m left to assume it was the noise of his dreams.

Oh god I just freaked myself out.

I forgot to give this post a title.

I wrote about vegetarian entrees in this week’s Prudent Pantry.


Thanksgiving was great! Will and I are having trouble recovering, though. We’re both just absolutely exhausted. Today we were going to do housework all day but we ended up taking a last second trip to Vasquez Rocks instead. It was AWESOME–Grace liked it for the first time and Sam is still our little cabrito–but now I am even more tired! Damn it.

Speaking of exhaustion, I am still feeling sick. Usually when I get sick it runs its course in like 2-3 days, but this time I never got fully sick so it’s been like 10 days and I still haven’t recovered. ARGH.


So here’s something good to balance out the whining.

The day after Halloween I took the children to the pediatrician because they’d both come down with a cold quite abruptly and Grace coughed all night and Sam had night terrors and everything combined made me worry that it was more than a cold (it wasn’t) (also, the good part is coming up).

We saw the doctor instead of a nurse practitioner, which hasn’t happened since Sam was a newborn. (Usually Dr. Fleiss sees all the newborns, but he didn’t see Grace because he was out of the office on family business. His family, obviously, not mine.) He diagnosed them with colds, advised me to put milk in their noses to clear it up, and confirmed that Grace’s lungs were clear. Then we talked about the night terrors. He said that he thinks children relive the day in their sleep to work out all the ideas and information about what happened, and that on a busy, active day like Halloween there’s a lot to work out. He suggested that I talk with Sam at the end of the day about what we did and anything he might need to think about, so that he can process it before he goes to sleep instead of after.


Every night we have a quick chat where Will or I will list off the things that Sam did during the day, and anything noteworthy that happened. Sam doesn’t tend to say anything, but listens very seriously. He’ll laugh or agree with some of the things we mention, and today when Will reminded him that he fell on some gravel he showed us where he hurt his bum.

I know it’s a little thing and so obvious–talk about our day so he can process it! DUH!–but it never occurred to either of us and we feel SO positive about it.


And lastly, a funny: The other day I bought one of those giant popcorn tins at Trader Joe’s. It has four different flavors in it, all of which are probably disgusting, but I bought it because I wanted the tin for Chex Mix. Today Sam asked what’s in it and Will showed him. Sam, who eats homemade popcorn, was HORRIFIED and insisted that the tin be closed immediately.


Tonight at bedtime, Sam asked for a cookie. We gave him one, he ate it, and he asked for another. We told him no, just one tonight. He thought about it and asked for M&Ms. We said no. He thought some more and made his final offer: “Go bed?” Defeated, we agreed.

This is why I’ve been blogging in the morning.

By the time 9:30 PM rolls around, I’ve got nothing. And I haven’t taken photos off my camera in ages so I can’t just throw a picture up and call it a day.

Really, this wouldn’t be an issue if I’d remembered to ask a writer to be on my Friday feature (Inside the Writer’s Studio, in case you weren’t paying attention). HEY WRITERS! Want to be on my blog show? Email me! Or leave a comment here. Or send up a smoke signal.

And let’s just try again tomorrow, shall we?