Old Shoes (& Picture Postcards)

Today’s song title is from Closing Time.

Because I am super-ambitious, I’ve joined another November challenge: NaBloShoeMo.

(click on the photo to go to flickr and see my notes)

I wear these shoes nearly every day (when I bother to wear shoes at all). Boring! Luckily, the rules are pretty relaxed. Nevertheless, I felt obligated to spice my contributions up a bit, so when Gwen told me that overstock.com had my sneakers on sale for fourteen dollars a pair, I used my emergency credit card as god intended it to be used and bought a pair in brown and a pair in green. They’re shipping ground (only $1.00!) so I don’t know when they’ll get here, but to say that I am super-psyched wouldn’t entirely convey my joy. (I am sad to say that the price has nearly doubled since I made the purchase — thank god I didn’t decide to hold off — but is still a significant savings. And let me tell you, these are the best sneakers on earth. My first pair lasted me almost ten years and is still in good enough shape to be garden shoes; my current pair is going on three years and has only needed the laces replaced.)

I am eating samosas.

As we all know, I have a slight tendency to overeat when there are samosas involved. So this could be interesting. But that isn’t what I wanted to tell you about!

Yesterday was our living room sale. HOLY CRAP we have a lot of crap. We had boxes lining the living room and den. I think we could have filled a small shop.

Somewhere over a dozen friends came by and gave us money for the privilege of taking things we no longer wish to own. It was awesome! Our stuff got good homes and we made over $100 (net)! The bad part is that there is a TON of stuff left. Is there any interest from SoCal people in a living room sale, part two? I swear, a lot of this stuff is actually quite nice. We just don’t have the room. (Some of it, I’ll be honest, isn’t so terrific. But one man’s trash and all that.) What we really should do is brave the scary old ladies and have a sale for the public, but I have no idea where we’d do that.

We divided our money into three piles: the furniture fund, annika’s allowance, and Will’s allowance. The furniture fund got set aside and will be put toward a secretary for me or a cabinet for the kitchen. I spent my allowance at the thrift shop. I bought a denim skirt and several sweaters. (Yes, it is crazy to eliminate clutter only to make more, except that I had no clothes that fit.) I was planning to buy some sweaters to felt and cut up, but wound up finding some that actually fit — and who am I to argue with looking good?

Pictures to come.