The New Pink?

I haven’t bought any clothing* for Grace, because we still have a lot of Sam’s stuff and she can wear that. We’ve been given a few girl things, though, and I’ve noticed a trend: purple. Most of the stuff we have is some shade of purple. I’ve been led to believe that little girls are inundated with All Pink, All the Time, so I’m curious: is this just a reflection of the people we know? Of specific clothing brands? Is it a coincidence or a trend? I’d be pretty into a purple trend, except that it’s a really good boy color and if it becomes known as a girl color it really will be the new pink and I want the boy/neutral options that are out there to STAY.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I have some purple yarn to knit her longies (wool pants to go over her diaper). I know, I know.

*I did get her a dress as part of a trade, and I bought her a Star Wars t-shirt.

Retail Therapy

The last time I did one of these posts was about three years ago. I haven’t done one since because some mean troll accused me of scamming people into buying me stuff, because my mom bought the baby carrier I’d mentioned in the post. Let me repeat: my MOM bought something for her GRANDSON and that made me a scammer. God, I hate people on the internet. (Not you.) The worst part is how much it upset me.

Well, screw those people. If I really believed there were people out there who wanted to buy me expensive, frivolous things, I would appeal directly to those people. I mean, DUH.

So here’s some window shopping, scam-free:

1. J Crew Coat:


It is feminine and the lines are gorgeous and my rack might look a little silly with that ruffle but who cares! It’s pretend shopping!

2. Dansko Boots:


Oh my word. These are so beautiful it almost hurts.

3. J. Peterman 1947 Dress:


There is a vintage Vogue pattern out there for this exact style dress. By the time I bought the pattern and the fabric, I don’t know that I’d save much money, but you know. I could make one myself. If I wanted to.

4. Adventurer Jacket:


I’m fairly certain this would look less silly on. Will, not me. It would look silly on me.

5. Stacking Birthstone Rings:


I will require one May and one probably-January.

6. Octopus Tattoo (Socks):


I like the stockings, but let’s be honest: I want an octopus tattooed on my leg. And possibly a squid on the other one. Cephalopods are HOT.

7. The Good Stuff:


I mean, really. Take your pick.

8. Steamline Luggage:


Vintage-style yellow leather luggage with wheels. If I actually owned this I would be forced to believe in God. (And look! It’s on sale.)

For Summer.

When you’re me and you go six months without a haircut (which I regularly do, and sometimes it is much longer than six months but that’s how long it had been this time), and you are pregnant so things that bother you Really Bother You, there will come a day that the hair on your neck makes you INSANE and you are moments away from going into the bathroom with scissors and clippers and pulling a Robin Tunney in Empire Records. It’s pretty bad, you guys, because DIY short hair never looks good, at least not if you are me. Trust me, I have tested it many, many times.

That day was yesterday. I survived. This morning I went and paid someone else to chop my hair off.


And it was good. Though I am going to have to re-train my bangs to lay to the side as I attempt to grow them out. And my goodness, something must be done about my eyebrows.


Too many things suck this week. So I am shoe-shopping. And it isn’t ‘window’ shopping or fiscal irresponsibility — I won a gift certificate! I know just what I want, too: a chunky black oxford. Like this:

(screencap courtesy of this site, but not hotlinked!)

I put out the call to Twitter and my sister and got lots of suggestions. And of course I opened one million tabs in my browser with shoes that I like. Only a few of which are actually oxfords because apparently no one makes chunky shoes right now. I JUST WANT IT TO BE 1998 IS THAT TOO MUCH TO ASK.

This is the current leading shoe:


Good old Doctor Marten! But they don’t have it in my size (7 US, 5 UK, 38 Europe — and yes I know that 37 is supposed to be size 7 but they pinch my toes and I do better with 38 which is about 7.5). So I can wait, or I can choose another shoe.

Dansko has a couple options:


I love the first one (and yes I know that isn’t black), but it’s not exactly what I had in mind. The second one looks like I should be wearing a suit. Which has its own appeal…

Here’s a fun one that is nothing like what I had in mind:


I could wear them for Wii Bowling!

These loafers are calling my name. Do I want loafers? Maybe I want loafers. Or is that a clog?


Or maybe I just need another Mary-Jane. Is that crazy? I already have these:


But these are all so pretty:

danskolotus danskosally danskomarcelle keens roguegracie danskomae


Ooh, and I found an alternate style of Doctor Martens:


They even come in my size! But I am still totally undecided, so please tell me what you think I should do.

We’re So Pretty

New haircut preview:

Photograph I am not in:

New haircut + new glasses:

I, uh, obviously have not done anything about my eyebrows. Or my mustache. Nor did I remove the tag on my glasses. Bygones! I love them so much! They are a dark teal and I picked them up somewhat jokingly but they are perfect. I can’t wait to get lenses in them!


This afternoon while Sam and I were getting ready to go out for a walk, I picked up his knitted pants and held them up. He pushed my hand aside and picked up a pair of shorts, asking me to put them on him.

He picked his own clothes! And I must say, the brown cargo shorts looked quite charming with his turquoise pocket tee.

Hair Today…

I need a haircut. I don’t want to admit just how long it’s been, but it’s a long time. Sam already existed, but was very small.

Now I have this gift card for a hair place. Actually, I’ve had it since my birthday. But I have a problem: I have NO IDEA what to have done. Until recently I was absolutely certain: short, layered bob and dye it red. Now? Well, now my pesky hair has gotten to the length where I’m all, “ooh, I look pretty with long hair.” Also I remembered that I look pretty with dark hair. Ack.

This is what I look like right now-ish:

As a bonus, that is the sweater I am currently trying to finish. I started it, oh, a year ago. Last night at knitting Ellen asked if I could just make it a cropped sweater. Which is a great idea except then I will look like I forgot to make the rest of it. Trust me.

Anyway, the hair. As you can see, it is looking pretty nice. So one option would be to just get it trimmed and some long layers put in to bring out the curl. This is possibly the best option, but it is admittedly very BORING.

On the other hand, I could do the bob.

I scoured the internet and found several photographs of celebrities with approximately the cut I would ask for (L-R is Audrey Tautou as Amelie, Colleen Moore, and Katie Holmes):

I would not mind looking like any of those ladies. However, I have already done that cut. You may remember it from my entire pregnancy. A sample:

I was awfully cute, but I did have pregnancy glow going for me. Also, I’d spent 20 minutes on my appearance in that particular picture, something I have not once done since.

So maybe I should keep it long. Like this:

The hair, folks. THE HAIR. But if a haircut could make my ass look like that, YOU KNOW I WOULD DO IT.

So, the options are:

  1. Keep it long.
  2. Get a bob.

Then there is the issue of color. I could just make the brown richer, with a little bit of red (which is already present, so I’d really just be magnifying the existing color). This would be very pretty and not at all daring. I could go for an unnatural shade of red, which would be fun. Or I could have my hair dyed a natural-ish shade of red , somewhere between my natural color and Sam’s.

(I have no idea who that is. I found the photo ages ago and saved it without proper attribution.) (Her haircut is actually pretty spectacular, but I am pretty sure that on me it would be a mullet.)

So my color options are:

  1. chocolate-y cinnamon-y brown
  2. fire engine red
  3. copper red

Or, as a final option for both cut and color, I could follow Yojo’s advice and go asymmetrical:

What say you, Internets?

In which we are so stylish.

My kid is a fashion plate today, in an orange long-sleeve pocket tee and a pink pocket diaper. Adorable. I am pretty sure that orange “clashes” with pink. This makes no sense to me. They look great together!

Sam is blurry because he has places to be.

But what do I know? My wardrobe just went from three t-shirts to five, and from maternity pants to two whole pairs of jeans, one of which actually fits.

Also I bought a dress:


My legs are not actually that muscle-y, but wouldn’t it be awesome if they were? (And if I had thighs to match, they’d call me Man Crusher.)

Old Navy, WTF?

Look at this, Internet.

pitching a tent

Do you see this? DO YOU SEE THE INDIGNITY? Old Navy is passing this tent off as a blouse. And the fabric is so cute that I almost fell for it! I swear, it was like 1960 in that dressing room. 1960 AT THE KAMPGROUND OF AMERICA.

How is it possible that this is the same store that carries this gorgeous item?

Annika, Super Spy

Look at Audrey Hepburn there. Sadly, I don’t have $40 for a coat. WEEP FOR ME, PEOPLE, because that baby fit perfectly. (Medium, Internet. I wear a medium.)

shoe buttons

This post is not about shoe buttons.

But it is about shoes. And buttons.

First up, new shoes! Crappy self-timer picture of the Campers Erin gave (yes, gave) me:


At first I thought the shoes were a smidge too short for my feet, which made me sad. But then I had a lightbulb moment and trimmed my toenails. It worked, but Sam yelled the whole time because he wanted me to cut his nails. Yes, I know that is crazy, and no, he never lets me cut them when I want to, but there it is.

Oh, also, you can just see the hem of my sexy monkeys-on-snowboards pajamas in the photo. You know you want me.

And moving on to buttons, here are some that I am considering using for the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat (which is FINISHED! but not yet blocked). Pictured are the back of the buttons, because I like the back and was thinking of using them that way. No, I do not know why I did not place some of them up and some down so you could see both sides. Stop asking questions I cannot answer.


They are dark brown and say Goodyear 1851 IRC Co.