I didn’t want to cook tonight. I wanted someone else to cook for me.

So I ordered pizza. It is most decidedly NOT in the budget, but sometimes you just have to do these things.

The pizza was…okay.

I make much, much better pizza.

I would have enjoyed my pizza WAY more.


I would have had to MAKE my pizza.


Dear Feds, Give Me My Money.

You know what sucks about having a New Year’s Baby? Waiting to file your taxes because she doesn’t have a social security number yet. It’s even worse when your New Year’s Baby was born at home, because you have to apply for a birth certificate first and they don’t even give you an appointment until mid-February. And it’s only once you have a birth certificate that you can even apply for a social security number. Who knows when you’ll get it.

There goes our streak of filing our taxes as soon as we get our W2s and 1099s. ANNOYING.

The Internet is Pissing Me Off.

First I accidentally hit publish on an unfinished post. I immediately changed it back to a draft, and made it private to boot, but fucking Google managed to catch it in the five seconds it existed and it showed up on Google Reader just now.

Then I tried to create a mosaic of belly pictures so I could post about how insane it is that I am 36 weeks pregnant and it’s almost Christmas and then it will be 2010 and where did the time go but the mosaic maker at big huge labs isn’t working for me.

Actually, I think it was just those two things that pissed me off, but it felt like a hundred all at once. So let’s just say there were 98 other annoyances and I am just not writing about them.

To Do

I am feeling really insanely resentful of all the things I need to do today (and the rest of the week) so I thought I’d write them down and see how bad (or not) it really is.


  • Call Maintenance about the fact that my oven is falling apart.
  • Do the goddamn dishes.
  • Clean stove/oven because god knows they won’t replace it.
  • Make bread dough.
  • Make bread crumbs from old bread.
  • Make cranberry sauce.
  • Buy macaroni.
  • Make mac + cheese.
  • Put away laundry.
  • Finish sewing project that is all over living room.


  • Sketch out knitting pattern for submission that is due in a few days.
  • Pick up mess surrounding desk.
  • Bake pies.
  • Hang curtains.
  • Get the toy drive stuff out of here.
  • Finish commissioned knitting project.
  • Figure out Christmas gifts and get a move on.
  • Buy the rest of the groceries.
  • Make Thanksgiving dinner.
  • Not go into preterm labor.

Sigh. Still resentful. If it was just the cooking I’d be fine but everything else is making me want to crawl back into bed for the next forever. Will is sending me cheer-leading emails, which is making me laugh. So there’s that. But bed, it calls to me.


On a normal day, Sam would happily watch movies for six hours straight (maybe more). Today I have some urgent work to finish, so he has very little interest in the television. You might call this irony, but I believe the word you mean to use is UNFAIR. Especially considering that his idea of a good alternative is using wrestling moves on me while I work.

Help help help.


I slept ten hours last night. Not all in a row or anything–that would be too easy–but I was in bed by 8:30 and didn’t get out again (except to pee) until nearly 7:00 this morning. And did I mention that I took a two and a half hour nap yesterday? Yeah. I have slept a lot since we got home on Sunday.

So why am I so tired? It is just not fair.

I blame the nightmares. What the hell is up with my dreams this pregnancy? In the first trimester I had loads of insanely sexy dreams, really explicit, none of them about my husband. EMBARRASSING. Now I keep having nightmares. NOT COOL.

So we had this amazing weekend with two of our favorite people out in Palm Springs, which is one of our favorite places to be. We left our worries behind for the most part and just enjoyed our friends and each other. And the swimming pool. We got really excited about having another baby. And then we came home and I slept for approximately ever and now it is Tuesday and instead of feeling inspired to get some shit done I am just tired and headachy and whiny. SO LAME.

If I Had Three Pairs of Hands

I need to start the laundry. I have the rolling cart plus a basket of clothes to take downstairs.

I need to eat breakfast and to feed Sam. This means leaving the house because we are kind of out of things he will eat at the moment. Except chocolate and corn chips, but we’re running low on both. Uh, I mean. He needs protein.

I was thinking I could drop off the laundry and then walk to Cactus and get him some rice and beans and me some huevos rancheros. But here’s the thing: I want to put him in the stroller for that walk. And here’s the other thing: I can’t push the stroller, pull the laundry cart, and carry the laundry basket all at once. I’m not even sure I can do two of the above at the same time.

So I need some extra pairs of hands. Preferably attached to arms.


I stole this idea from Swistle.

  • After reading her post I really want a Boston Cream donut, which just happens to be the only thing I think Dunkin Donuts does better than all the other donut places. And there are no Dunkin Donuts in Southern California.
  • On nights that Sam wakes (usually from a nightmare), he does not always wake up in time to get to the potty the next morning. I don’t mind at all if he has an accident, but I only have two sets of sheets for each bed and he’s gotten both beds since the last time I did laundry and I DON’T WANT TO DO MORE LAUNDRY.
  • I really want to go to the Rhinebeck Sheep & Wool Festival this year. I haven’t been since 1999 or maybe 2000 (I forget) and I WANT TO GO but I can’t afford it AT ALL. I miss upstate New York and I miss the festival and I miss my friends and I need to buy some things and WHINE.
  • We need a DVD player, Will probably needs a new computer, I still need new glasses, the car needs a check-up, and we’re going to have to buy a bunch of stuff for this baby (mostly diapers and the like) and WE DON’T HAVE ANY MONEY. I am so tired of not having any money.
  • I can’t seem to make any headway on my to-do list or my project pile.

On the plus side, the kitchen is clean (er, as long as you don’t look at the floor) and I’ve been making some really incredible food this week. YAY FARMER’S MARKET for supplying us with such excellent ingredients!

So, what have you got to complain about? Tell me here or go tell Swistle.

Ow ow fuck ow my ow

On Saturday I posed for a friend of mine who is a painter. He paints from reference photographs, so thank god each pose was for about five minutes rather than the who-knows-how-many-hours it would take to sit for an actual painting (can you imagine?) but oh my WORD am I ever sore. I had to stand in a way that I do not normally stand–not a particularly abnormal position but it worked my calf muscle in a way it is not accustomed to. And now I can barely walk.

This is entirely my own fault for being so incredibly out of shape. I was doing so well and then the pregnancy fatigue took over and now I am just OW. And of course this is on top of a terrible crick in my back and neck that has turned into pain all the way down one side of my spine. I AM FALLING APART, YOU GUYS. I was just starting to get my energy back and now it is all ow. Please send plane tickets for my sister to come take care of me.

Hello, MONDAY.

I’ve got to have a word with someone about the frequency of Mondays. I do not approve.

And it seems especially unfair that it looks like Shark Week is starting today.

On Saturday I had to get out of the house so I went shopping for crafty supplies. I highly recommend this as a method of cheering yourself up, especially if you have an Andrea to go with. We had lunch at Hugo’s and I ordered a salad that was easily enough for three meals, all delightful raw stuff plus some grilled tofu.

Yesterday Will declared Superhero Sunday and my fellas watched The Specials, Ultimate Avengers, Spiderman and Spiderman 2, and I forget what else.

And now it is Monday and I forgot to start the oven so I had my breakfast an hour late and by the time I’d finally digested enough to go for my walk/run I didn’t waaaaaaant to. But I did. And now I am ready to go back to bed.

I was going to start working on Sam’s Jedi robes but something tells me that’s a bad idea.