A side of spam.

I occasionally go through my Akismet spam filter in order to catch the real comments it thinks are spam. (It does seem to have finally learned that CosmicAvatar is a real person.) Mostly it’s easy to ID the spam as such, as it is chock-full of links and/or all written in bold. There is a recent trend (that I’ve mentioned before) of comments that appear to be complementary and often are targeted at the post content.

This one is pretty easy to identify:

JohnPearson | johnpearsons58@yahoo.com | johnpearsons.com | IP:

Nice Post.

That was well said. Always appreciate your indepth views. Keep up the great work!


It was iffy at first, but he took a fatal step in complementing my “indepth views,” as I don’t have any. Next!

This one is obviously spam because it makes very little sense, but it did give me pause.

Marina | marina@gmail.com | jyyj.com/2007/01/28/optimizing-your-depression-medicines-celexa | IP:

Every creature needs to rest. Giraffes, little babies, elephants, dogs, cats, kids, koala bears, grandparents, moms, dads, and hippos in the jungle – they all sleep! Just like eating, sleep is necessary for survival. WBR LeoP

First of all, I’ve known more than one person named Marina. Second, I talk about sleep all the freakin’ time. Third, giraffes! Elephants! Babies! Koalas!

This last one was just plain mean.

Florian | asdfk@web.de | bhotels.info | IP:

I found your blog via google by accident and have to admit that youve a really interesting blog :-)
Just saved your feed in my reader, have a nice day :)

People get here via Google all the time! None of them ever tell me I’m interesting. Jerks.

bloggy stuff

I checked Akismet today (as I have to do frequently because no matter how many times I tell it CosmicAvatar is a real person it insists on dumping her comments in the spam filter — anyone else having comments get lost?)…where was I? Oh yes. I checked Akismet today and discovered that I have been getting spam in Italian. It appears to be very friendly, for whatever that’s worth.

I know it’s Italian because it opens, “Bon giorno!”

I know it’s spam because five gazillion links follow a sentence or two of Italian.


dday_button_copy.jpgIn other news, it is National Delurking Week! So please, leave a comment.

If you’ve never commented before (or even if you’re a regular commenter), I’d like to know something about you. Where do you live? Do you have a blog? How did you find mine?

Um, or something less lame.

spam is the word

From: Folvy
Subject: Re[3]:You are very nice
Date: December 19, 2006 12:40:54 PM PST
To: annika@noirbettie.com


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These are a few of my favorite spams

From my email inbox, a few that somehow got past the filter:

from Arvilla Banks: Basically, this is it It is? What is? Oh god!

from Models Typically: Don’t waste your time, have sex immediately. Naturally, my favorite.

from graduate study: adopted but basically camouflage But what does it mean?

from Holiday Travel: Hookers Told Stay Off Damn straight!

Spam o’ the Day

I love this one.

Name: Alvin | E-mail: Alvin@gameburn.org | URI: http://gameburn.org | IP: | Date: December 8, 2006

When is it bad weather why do people get insane???
I have noticed , that anytime it rains, or there is a freeze, the public panics, rushes out to the stores and buy up all the
bottled water, batteries, flash lights, firelogs, and canned food. Why is this. You would think people that have been through
this kinda weather before would understand that it will not last more than a day or two at the most.
Another thing I have noticed is when it rains that all the dumb people again get on the roads and cause wrecks and everything
What is wrong with the people? I would really like to know.

Me too, Alvin. Me too.

Spam, spam, bringing me down.

I’ve been getting the saddest SPAM lately. I know — sad spam? Yes, really. At least, it makes me sad. Again, I know — really? Yes.

An example:

“This blog is great!” — trustedarticles.com

Akismet caught dozens of others from commenters who started out, “I love your site!” or similar, and that isn’t counting the hundreds of variants on “Great site! Visit mine: [insert string of URLs here].” Several of the comments also said, “I’m definitely bookmarking you!” In fact, when I got a real comment that said that, I almost deleted it without thinking.

Who doesn’t want to hear that visitors love their blog? The spammers are just plain mean.

Spam o’ the Day

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you’ve never visited a dentist…
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