Year-End Review

Movies seen: zero. (I saw about five minutes of Epic while Sam and Grace were watching it. Also The Wizard of Oz was re-released and I totally watched it this year, but I don’t think it counts.)

Books read: Eleanor & Park, Fangirl, Rose Under Fire, Removed, and Released.

(Obviously I watched other movies and read other books, but my current releases consumption of both is horribly low.)

Knitting patterns published: Ginger, Dorothy, Anatidae, Wonder-ific!, Paw Print Cardi, A Little Night Magic, and Fission. Only five self-published, which is way below my hopes. I have several ready to go except for photography, several others in various stages of preparation (including two that are written and edited but not knitted), and even more still in my head. My unofficial business goal for 2014 is to publish more, including a few e-books and maybe my first (second) adult sweater. I also miiiiiight finally write my book proposal, which is not the same book proposal I’ve talked about here before (someone else wrote that book out from under me, because there are no new ideas).

Travel: Shockingly, we travelled twice this year (not including day trips). In August we visited Will’s family in Maryland, and in October the children and I spent two weeks in New York with mine.

Other interests: Oh, I also did some roller derby. I started taking classes to be a referee in February, and after our Champs game in December I was drafted to the Enforcers. So that’s pretty fucking awesome. I will be working the first game of the year, a Babydoll Brawl featuring fresh meat skaters, as the Penalty Tracker.

Reasons I Cannot Do The Laundry Today

  • I don’t feel like putting on pants.
  • None of my clothes fit, anyway.
  • It’s shark week.
  • There aren’t enough quarters to do all the laundry, so why do any of it?
  • I need a haircut.
  • I have nonspecific anxiety.
  • I really don’t think I can make myself put on pants.

Things I Am Grateful For

(A non-exhaustive list)

  • Central heating on a chilly, rainy day
  • Soft, springy DK yarn and the hand dyers who make it pretty
  • “Emergency” last minute yarn support
  • Netflix streaming on Roku
  • Magic loop*
  • The incredible silliness 14 years ago that led me to my family
  • Amazon Prime
  • Services that will pick up the gazillion books you want to donate that wouldn’t fit in your car even if you weren’t too lazy to take them somewhere
  • Freelance work that pays for software that makes it possible to do more freelance work
  • Listening to the children play over the monitor

*That’s a knitting thing. I’m sorry to disappoint.

2012 Goals

Of course, I’m allowed to change my mind at any time. Also, these are in no particular order.

1. Get rid of my cassette tapes and the cassette player that hasn’t been used in 6+ years. Exception: I can totally keep mix tapes and bootlegs.

2. Finish 12 crafty projects that I started and abandoned. Any 12 will do, but it would be really excellent if Grace’s quilt was one of them.

3. Publish 12 knitting patterns. This is more than I’ve ever done in a single year, but I think I can swing it.

4. Live to be older than Jesus. Since he died when he was 33, and I turn 34 this year, all I have to do is not die. So far I have been pretty awesome at that.

5. Floss my teeth. They always feel better when I do.

6. Be a good mother.

7. Be a good friend, most of all to my husband but also to my BFF and to my other friends, most of whom have been neglected for too long.

8. Take more photographs.

9. Figure out why the phone bill is so high when we never use the phone. (I know this one is super-mundane, but the bill keeps getting higher and we’re not getting any more value for the money but I’ve been too lazy to investigate.)

10. Work on my book proposal(s).

11. Be awesome.

12. Get all the stuff we’re getting rid of out of our home.

That should do for now. What are your goals?

Random Friday

Today I tried pilates and didn’t die. I assume this means I did it wrong.

We bought one of those amber teething necklaces for Grace. So far she is still acting like a banshee, but now she is a well-accessorized banshee.

Someone (her father) thought the necklace was for her to chew on, and was far less impressed when someone else (me) explained.

It has been October for a whole week and we haven’t put up the Halloween decorations! Ack!

My copy of Freefall arrived yesterday. Mindi mentioned me in the acknowledgments which I was not expecting and I might have cried a little. (I don’t know if there is a score card, but that is three books and one movie I am thanked in.)

On the other hand, no one has ever asked me to be in their wedding. My sister thinks this is all right as I am married myself, but I think it is sad.

Today is Star Wars All Day Day. Yes, it is a crappy name. But it’s an awesome day! Sam is celebrating as hard as he can. I just made his day by unearthing the DVD of Episode III.

It is also Unofficial Play With The Recycling Day, according to Grace. Oh well.

All the pieces are cut out for Grace’s Halloween costume, except for the cape and the Robin symbol. I guess I should do those next! I’m not sewing until everything is ready to go, since I don’t have a permanent place for my machine, and also because Sam likes to “help,” which is awesome when I can actually sit down at the machine with him but quite a hindrance when I am trying to do something else at the same time.

Speaking of costumes, quick poll: what kind of footwear for Batman?

Makin’ Plans

I’ve been giving some thought to my 2010 Goals, now that it is April and Grace is no longer brand new and I’ve had some time to think about things.

Here’s my new list:

1. Have baby. (Keeping that one, obviously, since I accomplished it! Even if I did it ahead of schedule, at the end of 2009.)

2. Write. Anything, as long as it makes me feel like a writer again. (And if I happen to finish that MG novel, I will show it to Nova.)

3. Knitting goals: finish design that was accepted (done), submit at least one more proposal (one down, two more being written), and self-publish one pattern (I have a few partly done and will pick one to finish).

4. Go rollerskating. (What? It seems pretty doable.)

5. Get another tattoo.

6. There is nooooooooo number six!

7. Teach someone to knit. (Done! And hopefully I’ll also teach K, since it’s on her 30 by 30.)

8. Do at least one of the food-related items on my Life List.

9. Dye my hair blue.

10. Go on vacation with my family.

I had been thinking I’d have to give up that last one, but my mom decided for me! She is coming out here in June to meet Grace (circumstances made it impossible for her to come sooner) and we are going to drive up to NorCal (that’s northern California) with the kids and my sister to see my Grandpa. I am really hoping Will can get a few days off work and join us.

I’m trying to plan the trip in such a way to make it the best possible for everyone, but especially Sam. Mom wants to go to Half Moon Bay, which K and I loved when we were there in (OMG) 1989 and I think Sam will enjoy. And I want to detour to Gold Rush country! As I mentioned over here, I bought a travel book on the subject. Sam saw the picture on the cover and asked to go there, so I think it’s probably a good bet.

So what else to do? We’re probably going to drive up the 101. Doesn’t it go across the Golden Gate Bridge? I hope so. That would be awesome. Who wants to meet us at the Japanese Tea Gardens in Golden Gate Park?

Today I

  • Had a mini-meltdown
  • Was an asshole to my family
  • Got over myself
  • Worked on my knitting pattern
  • Emailed my soldier
  • Bought Kool-Aid and candy to send him
  • Took Sam to a Star Wars charity car wash (a storm trooper high-fived him)

So it started out rotten but was an overall WIN due especially to the last item.


So far this morning:

  • Lego vanships played with: 1
  • Lego Indiana Jones’s hat replaced: 3 times
  • Strawberries consumed: 6
  • Naps interrupted by blaster fire: 1
  • NOFX songs quoted: 2
  • Episodes of Rocky & Bullwinkle watched: ½
  • Items hand washed: 3
  • Items remaining to hand wash: 10
  • Breakfast quesadillas: 0, but it will be 1 very soon.

What’s on your list?


I ate something that disagreed with Grace. She was miserable for two days! I am not positive what the culprit was, but I suspect the boxed tomato soup. It had milk in it. I should have been suspicious of un-refrigerated soup containing milk.

I forgot to mention this past week’s Prudent Pantry column (I did mention it on Twitter and Facebook, so I apologize if you’ve seen it multiple times). The next one is on Sunday.

In three days my SISTER is coming to STAY! We don’t know for how long yet; she bought a one-way ticket, though! We haven’t lived together since I was 16 and she was 13 so THIS COULD BE INTERESTING. Just to make it more fun, I spent a great deal of today regaling her with tales of the body functions of small children and reminding her that she will get to help clean them up! I am awful.

I am about to send in another pattern proposal and I am a NERVOUS WRECK. I knew I wouldn’t be able to afford to purchase the yarn for the sample if it is accepted, so I emailed a yarn company and asked about yarn support. I was very clear that the pattern had not yet been picked up, but they said yes unconditionally! I so so so love the knitting community/industry.

I am feeling lately like I do not have enough patience with Sam and am not spending enough time with him. Also the house is a disaster and I have a million things I should be doing and just can’t (some of them I can’t even find–it’s bad). This week I have just been trying to forgive myself, and hoping it will be easier with K here.

It is time to make dinner and I have no idea what I am going to make. Um. Gotta run.