horror movies I’ve fallen asleep watching lately

So far in October, Will and I have watched: bride1

Bride of Frankenstein
Oh god, I love Elsa Lanchester so much in this movie. She needed about one thousand percent more screentime. At right (click to enlarge) is a wonderful interview with her.

The Wolfman (2010)
I loved how lovingly this film payed homage to the original, but my goodness, the daddy story was unnecessary. Del Toro’s performance was so understated he may as well have been asleep.

I hadn’t seen this movie in 22 years and I was nervous. It is remarkable–so good, except for the extremely problematic (and typically 1950s) approach to psychological issues. Wow, the first half hour! It’s a crime caper! I had no memory of that.

Dracula’s Daughter
I loved the first ten minutes of this movie. LOVED them. Then I fell into a trance. Or, like, asleep.

Abbott & Costello Meet Frankenstein
I may or may not have also fallen asleep during this one. I think I made it a whole 30 minutes. Sam offered to watch it again the next morning, for my sake, so it must have been funny.

Happy Halloween


Foxy, Spider-Sam, and I are sick sick sick. I coughed so hard earlier that I saw stars. Sam is miserable. Will is on his way home with chicken nuggets and cough syrup, and he will take Gracie out trick-or-treating. (Sam is on the fence about whether he will go. I am definitely staying home.)

Watching: Last night Will was out and I watched the 2011 Jane Eyre. If you do not agree that this is a horror movie, I must assume you haven’t seen it.

Reading: The opening of Please Remain Calm, Courtney Summers’ sequel to This Is Not A Test, the best zombie novel ever written. If you happen to see this before the end of the day on Halloween 2014, click here.

Making: See above photo for the completed foxy costume. You can’t see it in the picture, but I assure you there’s a tail.

Almost there…


Watching: the children and I have been watching a lot of The Munsters. We also watched the Buffy episode “Halloween,” and the 2000 live action Adventures of Rocky and Bullwinkle, which was truly horrifying. Will and I watched the restored version of Nosferatu last week, and while I am not going to pretend I stayed awake (having the TV in our bedroom is not great in that regard), it was GORGEOUS and I will for sure watch it again.


We had a little party on Saturday to celebrate our ten year anniversary. As a result, the apartment is super clean and we have a ton of leftover s’mores fixings. OH DARN.

lily munster

Watching: I won’t lie, having Gilmore Girls on Netflix is a real impediment to my watching anything else on earth, but yesterday we started watching The Munsters with the kids and OMG THEY LOVE IT. Especially Sam. I’m not sure when he last took to something this quickly or strongly.

Reading: I’ve been too tired to read at night, and it’s been too loud during the day. I need to figure out a solution to this, since not reading isn’t an option. At least we are still reading our October book.

Making: nothing Halloweenie at the moment (waiting for an orange dress I ordered for G to arrive so I can foxify it), but I am SO CLOSE to finishing the cardigan I started, um, two years ago? Which is definitely autumnal, and therefore appropriate. I knitted an entire sleeve yesterday and only stopped because my stitch count was off at the cuff and I wasn’t going to deal with that until tomorrow. Which is today, so I guess I should count stitches after I finish my coffee.


Watching: The Gates should probably be called Inhuman Monsters Are White People Too, but I suppose the title they went with is a bit snappier.

The show is silly and rather enjoyable but the lack of diversity is really horrible. Yeah, yeah, it’s an upper class gated community. Those are usually white, right? LAME. There is no excuse for defaulting white in fantasy.

Reading: nope.

Making: nada.

Busy couple of days. Very little October-ing.

…and nonsense.


Watching: Hey, did you know X Files is on netflix? IT SURE IS. Last night we fell asleep re-watching the best episode ever, Bad Blood.

Reading: Still nothing, because I was sidetracked writing my own story. I expected it to be horror but it surprised me and ended up as noir.

Making: I finished Foxy but it’s huge for Grace. Trying to decide whether to rip it out or make do. I have time to reknit it but I am very very lazy.

Not much to report.


Watching: Friday night we didn’t watch anything, because it was our gaming night. Last night we watched Elvira: Mistress of the Dark (also on Netflix!), and it was wonderful. (I maaaaaaaay have fallen asleep near the end, but that was not a reflection on the movie! I swear! I’m just so tired.)

Reading: I stopped by the library yesterday afternoon and picked up a copy of The Restless Dead, a horror anthology with a majority of lady authors that I am very excited to read. I will report back.


Making: after playing musical chairs with the needles for all of my current knitting projects, I am working on the foxy hat. Grace has given me very clear directions on how the rest of the costume is to look (white belly, white and red tail, red everywhere else) so I will be essentially recreating her wolf costume from two years ago, in different colors.

T minus 28


Watching: the first episode of the original television series The Twilight Zone, “Where Is Everybody?”

Despite being a total sausage fest (literally the only woman involved in many manner was a mannequin), I love this. I’ve seen several episodes of The Twilight Zone in various incarnations, but somehow never this one–at least not that I remember.


Making: foxy! I found some Malabrigo Rios that I think will be perfect, leftover from Dorothy and another (not yet published) hat pattern. I just need to liberate the right size needles and we’ll be good to go!

Reading: Tales of Eventide, the creepy town that’s shown up on my husband’s blog. Start here.

It begins.


October is here.

Watching: well, Gilmore Girls is on Netflix as of today, and I’ve never seen season 7, so it’s going to be verrrrrry difficult for me to talk myself into watching anything seasonal. Let’s see how it goes.

Reading: A Scream Away From Someone by Deirdre Sullivan. Lovely, haunting, just barely horror. My favorite kind.

Making: Grace wants a fox costume, so I am looking over my yarn stash in hopes of some nice orange for Foxy & Wolfie.