This is now a birthday log.

I have too much stuff to blog about so I am blogging about none of it. BUT! Today is the 37th birthday of my favorite person!

Happy Birthday, Katherine, with love from me, Will, the kids, and these guys (whom I googled, and hope are the right guys):


Silence = Death

I found out about AIDS thirty years ago. I was six years old.

Someone had written SILENCE = DEATH on the sidewalks of Soho, most likely using a handcut stencil and spraypaint.

It looked something like this:


At six, I did not recognize the equal sign, so I thought someone had written “silence death,” which I also did not understand.

My parents explained it to me.

It is astonishing to me that AIDS is still an epidemic, but it is equally astonishing to me that we’ve made such incredible strides forward.

Today I am thinking of everyone living with AIDS, affected by AIDS, and gone because of AIDS.

There’s a Lawn on my Porch

It rained for a few days last week, the first heavy(ish) rains we’ve had since we took the carpeting off our porch. The carpet was pretty wrecked and had to go, but I can’t help wondering if the porch needs to be ripped up, too.

It’s super-pretty, but WHY IS IT GROWING HERE?

Let’s Pretend

Yesterday I asked Will what (er, who) we would dress as in the event that we attended Comic Con or a similar event and opted to cosplay. (No, I was not trying to avoid doing something else that I should have been doing. Why do you ask?)

My only idea, which is half silly, half awesome, was Betty Boop and Grampy.

Here is a semi-recent photo of the two of us:


I can’t think of any character that I’ve successfully done. Will, on the other hand, has been a few, including his infamous Halloween as The Colonel. He carried a recipe card in his pocket with “11 herbs and spices” written on it.

I have no real requirements except that I prefer to be, well, a girl. (Will’s awesome idea of Colonial Marines leaves me in a costume that, even if tailored for me, is really made for a dude.)

What do you think? Costume ideas? Suggestions for better ways I could spend my time?

(Don’t actually leave the latter. There is definitely nothing I could be doing that is as much fun as planning costumes we will probably never wear.)

P.S. Please note: we are extremely unlikely to attend any cons. This is purely for fun.

This and That

Every time I tell someone that we don’t have enough money for X, where X is something that person thinks we should have enough money for, I get a lecture on How I Should Handle My Finances. Because apparently it is just not possible that maybe I do know how to handle my finances but there just isn’t enough money.

(People of earth, please note: other people’s finances are none of your business. For real.)

It reminds me of the way people on the internet used to love to diagnose Sam as autistic if I happened to mention that he wasn’t a big talker. Hey, guess what! He is not autistic! He is in speech therapy, because he has trouble with a lot of consonant sounds, but it turns out that you can have a speech issue and not be autistic! Imagine that!

(People of earth, please note: other parents do not want you to diagnose their child over the internet. For real.)

Now that I’ve got that all out of the way, let’s talk about something else.

Like little cowpokes in a big field:


Or how I have given up dairy, sugar, and most grains and I am SO HUNGRY I COULD EAT EVERYTHING SO DON’T GET IN MY WAY.

Discuss amongst yourselves.


I require LOTS of sympathy. I have insane sinus pressure and I might DIE.

Okay, fine, it isn’t even bad enough for me to take a decongestant, but it IS bad enough that I asked Will to stay home and take care of the children. And I pretty much never take medication, so now that I think about it that isn’t much to go on. But asking Will to use up a sick day totally is.

I’ve watched three episodes of Buffy and slept through one, and now I am in the living room because Grace fell asleep and I don’t want to disturb her. Will took Sam on a quick errand so I am ALL ALONE. I should be knitting (deadline approaches!) but here I am, dreaming of all the delicious foods I hope I’ll be able to taste for dinner.

Is it bad that I want Mexican? Cheese is bad news for sinus stuff (it causes, or at least exacerbates, mucus) but I DON’T CARE.

What I’d really love to have is Indian, but we can get good Mexican food for the whole family for under $20 and Indian would be more like $50. If we had $50 we’d spend it on the amazing Lego set Will saw on sale at Target earlier. Or on something equally exciting, like a new bra for me. What, I need one.

All I know is, I need some FOOD. Will got me Pho this morning and it was PERFECT and JUST WHAT I NEEDED but my GOODNESS am I ever done with soup after two bowls of it.

So, to sum up what is rapidly becoming the dullest thing I’ve ever written: ow ow my face hurts ow, yay Buffy, YAY BURRITO, please send sympathy and/or distractions.